A Forest Feast : Part 1


The Revolution , when it comes , will show you stars in daylight .
It will scare the living daylights out of you .

The Long March is on ,but Joy is never precluded,
And Food is always a celebration .

In Simdega’s Forest , the Mahua trees bleed
fresh red leaves under a brazen sky,
The flowers plumping raisin- like to make Mahua Wine ,
The Sal leaves , strong, green and round ,form cups and plates to serve food on .


Community Resistance and Mobilisation for Revolution can be intoxicating .

A Long March to build solidarities and mobilise resistance for the Revolution
Is exhilarating – and it makes you hungry .

Marching with the comrades , uphill and down dale ,
Singing songs of the Revolution opens your heart and your mind
And sharpens your appetite for knowledge, for Victory – and for food and drink .

The Resistance March is the Aperitif of Revolutionaries.

She says : “ I live , breathe , eat , drink , sleep and dream Revolution , and nothing but Revolution . “

2 thoughts on “A Forest Feast : Part 1

  1. Reena

    This is such an invigorating poem, the song of a land, the food of life and the march of the oppressed. Looking forward to the main course and desserts


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