A fond fiddle

The wind is playing a Violin,
The classical music of the high sea is on,
Leaves and the branches are roaring up as waves,
Splashing across its mass of clarity,
it shakes,
the tree,
as another fiddle,
percussion being played by the wooden door,
which rustles and bangs itself across the frame
to be in synch, thumping and banging over the once silent, a creek,
creating symphony in a waving, windy evening,
 A rare, dry flying leaf touches my cheeks.
A high tidal note!

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About Sangeeta Suneja

Sangeeta Suneja is a science graduate from Maharani College Jaipur, holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing from YMCA Institute of Management studies, MBA She has been working with Air India for the past 26 years at New Delhi. She has written more than Seven hundred poetry pieces on her poetry blog. Her work has been published in many international anthologies, She is a motivational author at http://www.successstories.co.in/author/sangeeta/ Featured poet at many online magazines like Angies diary.com/poetry-and-lyrics/poem-stories/roses-for-life/ Sangeeta Suneja also loves to paint, has her own illustrations and abstract paintings to complement her Poetry. She writes in Hindi, (Punjabi and Urdu in English script), and has also written a few short stories and flash fiction in English.

4 thoughts on “A fond fiddle

  1. lokesh roy

    We get dry leaves umpteen times , but to get a rare leaf of the same genre …well one has to be as lucky ! Pretty amusing , if I may say so .

  2. Sangeeta Suneja Post author

    Yes Lokesh, the rare leaf the one that can be read to be blown away with the tidal wave is indeed rare, amusement is one expression that may show if you are standing far away watching the tide, the leaf and the tender cheek, far away from the silent creek. Thank you for reading and commenting, the rare leaf flutters with the wind, to be rightly read away.

  3. Sangeeta Suneja Post author

    Hahaha! Shalini thank you for that observation, reading and liking, Probably in the moment of the ecstasy the fiddle fondly pulled it’s neck in, carried away with the winds of the moment playing the musical note seemed too high for the neck, so she retreated. **smiles**

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