A Child’s Fairy Tale

All animals are equal

but some animals are

more equal than others ;


all join in the family fun

getting ready for slaughter in the midday sun ;

Piggy piggy trough trough

snout snout snout ,

lives in the mire

no-one gets out ;

Eat eat eat belch belch belch

snuffle snuffle snuffle ,

silly little piggies never found the truffle ;

The Sun sets and all hope smothers ,

for Fathers,Sisters,Mothers,Brothers,

who without knowing lived for the profit of others.

3 thoughts on “A Child’s Fairy Tale

  1. Sunil Sharma

    A darkening view of a robust poet, currently on fast, fighting for his rights for dignity and suitable work, Louis Kastakin recalls George Orwell’s cult novel and its implied critique of systems that promise change but fail to deliver in this satirical poem with sad tones. How hapless folks embedded within such political systems get slaughtered without being radicalized is one the subtler strands in a piece that is full of onomatopoeia. Applying this Orwellian vision to a location in July 27, 2013, is itself telling: Be it the democrats or the communists, the pathetic situation of ordinary people is same: Getting slaughtered and without realizing,living for profits of others.
    It is a searing indictment of a welfare state anywhere in the world!
    democracy becomes a sham. It works only for those who are more equal than others.

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