A Brief History of Britain ( Rebooted 29 November 2017 )

Faded ,forlorn the banners of our memories
once held high now cast aside ,cast down ,
trodden into the dust marched over by legions
of those who came after in ignorance ;
Even the ghosts have departed this empty husk
of a once was Power ,this paralysed parody of
those sceptered isles,that seat of Mars ,crumbled
overwhelmed by the same deluge that took
from our hearts, Atlantis ;
Those Venerated ,those Valiant whose deeds validated
all that we stood for ,all that we ever believed in
are now counted as the small-change amongst market traders
whom we let barter our very souls for a mess of pottage ;
Whilst entombed in our sonorous sloth ,
they took from us all that had once been
vouchedsafe by Viking ,Saxon ,Norman
for so long so very long an Age ;
In our belated awakening
we find ourselves naked ,
caught in the glare of a history
which no longer recognises nor has need
of us in this our unkempt beggarly state ,
of which those who once fought for us would be ashamed
that all their sacrifice and all their pain
had yielded such a paltry gain.

3 thoughts on “A Brief History of Britain ( Rebooted 29 November 2017 )

  1. Nalini Srivastava

    can i say that it is a beautiful eulogy to the glorious history of Britain….it reminds me of all my favorite lessons of history.

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