A Bend in the Road

Part 1

( What do you call it ? )

The Beginning


Dim light

A country road

When a country road
Winds through nuclear waste
Heaped up like old dead rubbish
From a rotting town in a gangrenous world
What do you call it ?

When a tree stands alone
In those withered wastes
By that very road
A tree that looks like a dead stump
Incapable of growing fresh leaves
Not the brood of the rood
What do you call it ?

When the day
is always overcast
When it is always twilight
The starry firmament obscured
Except when it is pitch dark :
What do you call it ?

When life is just
A wait for death
And your feet ache
All the time
When your shoes don’t fit
Most of the time
And your socks stink
And stocks sink :
What do you call it ?

Country , Rowed ?
Country , Harrowed ?
Country , Rode
Or Ridden
Into a Midden .

( ASA )

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