A Bend in the Road -Part 2

Part 2

When the oppressor weeps
The Führer’s tears ,
And the oppressed refuse to resist
Slavering , instead , over the oppressor’s feet
Licking his filthy stinking populist boots , or,
When the Stockholm Syndrome
takes over with a vengeance:
What do you call it ?

When the slave himself , willingly ,
Puts his neck into the noose
Himself tightens what is loose ,
Hands over the end of the rope to his master
And responds to every pull
Like a horse with a sensitive mouth
Which is still docile:
In the name of all that’s vile
What do you call it ?

When the chained human animal
Consents to being chained
And rises only when commanded
To sing only what is commanded
To think only what is commanded
When commanded :
What do you call it ?

When the victims themselves
Are unwilling to set themselves free
To recognise their allies and seek help
But are focussed only on the master
Who whips them or fondles them at will:
This riot of pig swill
What do you call it ?

When the slaves themselves
hand the whip to the slave driver
Again and again and yet again
Getting whipped closer to the bone
Every time , yet do not even try
To resist ; cannot even think of resisting :
What do you call it ?

When brainwashed humans
Bite their benefactors
Kill their kinsmen
Lynch their lovers
All in a hazy daze
Or a dazy haze :
What do you call it?

Blind brain- dead slaves
Ready to die for their flogger
Willing , able , and happy
To lynch and kill for him
Abuse , rape, torture in his name
Their powerless fellow victims :
What do you call it ?

Murderous morons
Unable and unwilling
To create , adapt , and use
The right tools to set themselves
On the right path
Digging themselves deep
Into their own graves :
What do you call it ?

The Road ?
My Road ?
Or the High Road ?

Bend in the Road ?
Mend in the Mode ?
Rend with the Goad ?

Send in Code .
Name the Node.
Nail the Load .

4 thoughts on “A Bend in the Road -Part 2

  1. VijayNair

    An incisive, powerful, hard-hitting diatribe.A reading of Hegel’s master-slave dialectic and Erich Fromm’s ”Escape from Freedom,” would be profitable to the general reader.

  2. Amita Paul

    Dear Madhumathy
    Your comment reminds me of a quotation from Shakespeare’s play , Julius Caesar:

    “ The fault , dear Brutus, not in our stars ,
    but in ourselves that we are underlings “

    You are right , of course .


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