A Beautiful Mind

Sitting silently
What do you see?
Flowers of blue? Veil of white?
A childhood memory

Do you see sorrow?
Through knowing eyes
Your beautiful smile
A minds goodbye

Do you feel like Alice
in a Wonderland?
Searching for all
that you don’t understand?

Where do you go
when you disappear?
Peaceful places, secret gardens
Worlds without fear?

Are you at peace
Content in your being?
Listening to the birds
cheerfully singing

Silent as a breath
Delicate as the dew
Oh, please speak
That is all we can ask of you

We know what you would say
in your wise way
“Do not blame yourselves or me,
Love me for who I am and who I
used to be…”

Dedicated to a family member with Alzheimers <3

3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mind

  1. gemini30 Post author

    Thank you so kindly Louis. Do you not find that poets feel and see the world and all its issues with much more clarity than everyone else?

    1. Louis Kasatkin

      I think that poets generally because of the inherent discipline of their craft,( i.e. having to making each word count) bring a sharper focus and intensity to bear on their chosen subject matter.


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