It’s Getting Late

I suppose you know

How the evening will eventually go

There will be good food

To set the mood

You will be, at once

Both easy and tense

Feign nonchalance

At first glance

The banter will grow

Just so that she is sure

After dinner it could go

Right up to her door

There will be talk

Of cinema and books

Half way through

Both on tenterhooks

By the time the dessert is served

Still space left

For such a meal, you were

For eons bereft

You drop her

Right outside her place 

‘Will she won’t she?’

Who will initiate

Take that risk on a first date

Parting of the lips so slight

You know the moment feels right

Could there be a hint

More blatant

Finally you here

The magical words    

‘Come in for coffee’

That hot beverage

Much maligned 

The last thing

On your minds

My dear brother Jaysingh

Yours was a life full of silence,

Call it labyrinthine, call it serpentine, call it crystalline,

Call it anything, you lived it to the fullest

With simplicity and divinity of the sages.

Autistic by birth, with needs few and wishes fewer,

You set an example to the world that man lives not

By bread alone for love is the main ingredient

That makes the soup of life palatable and formidable.

I remember how mama used to tell me that she had

Her eldest son who was just like you and when he died,

Mama prayed to God to return her son.

God listened to her grief and brief was the time

When she gave birth to you and you resembled her elder son.

In those days, all children were alike

And mama loved you, we all love you.

Now that you are struggling between life and death

With none of us to stand by your side,

Except health professionals,

I pray to God to give you courage

To fight this pandemic.

And even if you succumb to it,

I know you will be happy

For since a long time, mama and papa want to see you.

They want to tell you how they were with you

At each and every moment of life.

I know death is just a change

From one form of life to another.

You will be young and healthy again

And you will walk proudly

For victory is eventually yours my dear brother.

We all love you and pray to God

To keep you happy always.

All men have an angel guarding them

And God gave you two

For he knows best all our daily needs.

pramila khadun

Less ego,more Soul

Less ego, more soul.


Hard it is to cast aside our ego

Sticking to us like power glue,

Giving  the sense of self importance,

When actually it is the root of utter nescience,

Yes ignorance;

Ignorance which hampers the soul

From seeing one and all,

As the Lord’s creation justly,

Meting peace and spreading amity,

Love, respect and unity.   


Less ego will lead to having more feelings,

Soulful feelings,

Spreading beauty of fellowship, understanding,

Beauty of sharing,



Yes, kindheartedness,

Keeping a distance from self-centeredness,

Instead, practising selflessness,

Yes, the soul’s beauteousness,

To be able to enjoy lightheartedness.


@Pushmaotee Subrun



Sick to the heart of this lying , lying, lying
Answer echo , answer , dying, dying , dying

No one sees me crying , crying , crying
No one hears me sighing, sighing, sighing

The world is prying , prying , prying
It keeps trying , trying , trying

But it’s all selling and buying
Buyers vying, prying , vying

No one cares

It’s transactional , this eyeing
All this prying, vying , buying

Capitalism, unassailable
Makes you assailable

It scares me , this careless prying
This eyeing
Without care , this constant trying
Then buying

Makes me sick, selling and buying
Fast and thick , untruths flying

Makes me ill , this constant lying
So I’m dying , Egypt , dying

Lying here
Hear Lying

Sick to the heart
of this art
Of lying , lying, lying
Answer echo ,
answer ,
dying, dying , dying

Solah Shringar

Celebrating the beauty of female form,
To sweep the world in her charm’s storm,
Transcends in to the bliss of being a bride,
Applying “Solah Shringar” in beauty’s pride.

Beauty radiates from her kohl lined eyes
Lifting all in to awe, wonder and surprise,
In the battle of love her eyes always win,
At her glance, men collapse like nine pins,

Her enticing tresses cascaded down,
To reach half length of her long gown,
Combed and tended with warmest care,
Decked up with Mogra is her fragrant hair.

Call it trendy, exotic or beauty spot,
A third eye, cultural statement is this red dot,
Like a red moon on spotless white sky,
Her “Bindiya” makes all to heave out a sigh.

Her soft hands glistened with Henna art,
A thousand flowers bloomed in hearts,
Holding hands, I make voyages to heaven,
In her heart I want to build my haven.

In jewel embellished lehanga she looks coy,
A blouse with backside hook, it’s sheer joy,
In dupatta, a grand embroidary design,
With Chic like look, she floats in cloud nine.

She rests head on hand at nuptial night,
Bangles whisper vows of love with delight,
It pays homage to her beautiful face,
Getting inebriated by its divine grace.

Moonlit diamond hoop hanging in her nose,
With fullness of love heart overflows,
Bedazzled by the beauty of it’s fine shape,
From temptation how can I seek escape?

Tinkle of Payal matches with heartbeats,
My resolve is melting in passion’s heat,
Her anklets sings the rhapsody of love,
In heaven’s skies my spirit flies like a dove.

Looking at her Jumka, I suffer heartburn,
As they kiss her cheeks taking turns,
Along with her Jumka my heart swings,
In to the world of ecstacy, it takes wings.

Evoking feelings of tranquil contentment,
Epitomizing moon decked in ornaments,
Image of beauty conveying completeness,
Filling the world with her sweetness.

(C) K. Radhakrishnan

As a Woman


I want people to see beauty in me

Not physically you see

But the beauty of GOD in me

I want to be a teacher

Not in a classroom would I be

I would be teaching God’s word on bended knee

I would like to be of service

In any way that I can

To each and every one who is in GOD’S plan

I want to be a nurse

Maybe not in the usual way

But for the sick in spirit or have feet of clay

I would like to bring hope

To those who have lost it all

And watch as GOD brings down that wall

That GOD would lead me to anyone

That they would gladly accept

A ray of sunshine from my smile as together we wept




A companion called Shadow

I have been left by so many on the journey called life
But still I am never alone for the companion called shadow.
She is there since I was born and will be there till my soul leaves this garb.
She is beside me or by my side but always with me.
You may say how do I see her when it is totally dark!
Yes I agree I can not see but neither I see the Almighty!
But I trust God with everything I have or will have or won’t have…
Similarly I trust her My shadow whether seen or unseen.
My shadow doesn’t judge me ,It does not object or suggests,
It alters itself short or tall,visible or invisible,
Neither it rejects my thoughts nor it regrets.
Thankfully The ultimate Lord has blessed each one of Us with this forever companion,
Realize that no one is alone,We all have a companion forever
Our shadow is a blessing trust your instincts and travel .


No end


No end

There is no end,
the end is only delusory,
what we call end,
is only a beginning.

No darkness,
darkness is only
the absence of light,
light sleeps inside the womb of darkness and manifests itself when darkness
realises its flimsiness.

No hatred, no jealousy
Only absence of love
No negative feelings and emotions
Only absence of positive thinking
No alienation, no depression
Only absence of a sense of belongingness
And lack of self-realisation

No hurdles at all,
only lack of willpower.
No barriers, only challenge to confront life.
It’s significant, how we assess our potentials and ignore the obstacles which
come our way.

Unveil the veil
You will only find yourself
To your right you are.
To your left you are
You are in front and behind the back
You are everywhere
On earth In the sea and air

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©