Louis Kasatkin

A non -poem for Louis Kasatkin, poet, critic and admin of Destiny Poets group and website that has helped many Indian poets to come up, who is on a hunger strike due to unemployment, hoping to get this situation redressed – sixth day now, if I am correct.

I do not know you, Louis
except as the one who
encouraged many of us poets and critics
including ill fitting me

As a part of your noble, little recognized Destiny

You, a poet,
critic and Christian
belong to a dying breed
or the giving one
You strike now for a job, without food
I don’t know who will listen

I do not write this to get anything done.
I am not going to send you money, or get you a job somehow
or ask others for a pat on the back for writing this
or organize the writing of more poems
or anything

I write it because I wish
to thank you for
your subjective, unbiased reading of my poems
and little notes of criticism
and citations that made me happy when I read them
and I hope that your problems get sorted out soon
as I hope mine will too
Just one more futile gesture
of solidarity
without even
the courage to call you brother,
for what is love without action?
It is just words.
This is not even poetry.

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Dr A.V. Koshy is presently working as Assistant Professor in Dept. of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has authored or co-authored seven or eight books of poetry, theory and criticism. He is an editor and anthologist. He is also a distinguished teacher of the English language and literature and a critic, with a Ph.D in modern poetry, specifically Samuel Beckett's poems in English. He was a Pushcart Prize nominee for poetry in 2012 and his book Art of Poetry was selected as Best Reads 2012 by Butterfly and the Bee. He has been editor's pick on Camel Saloon thrice and poet of the month thrice in Destiny Poets UK besides often having his poems appear in the highly selected category. Has other international awards, diplomas and certificates to his credit too.

11 thoughts on “Louis Kasatkin

  1. Sana Rose

    That’s great to extend words of concern and thanks like this Koshy sir.

    Louis : I pray that things get sorted out soon and save you from the pain of the hunger strike you are on. Please do take care. Your words and feedbacks are food for our thoughts and ideas. And irrigation for our poetry to grow well.

  2. lokesh roy

    To express solidarity like this means a lot ! It makes us feel very much like a family, even if we are in distant lands. Louis Kasatkin deserves accolades for this.

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