Thy veil, oh rain

Thy veil, oh rain

When every sound stops
Rain vanishes in the tall grass
Inside a thirsty ground
Thy veil, oh rain,
Thy veil of greyish clouds wrapped around my chest
Exits the scene
No actors left on stage to savour thy triumph

In triumph though
No satisfaction is

Tomorrow you will hunt again
Here I’ll wait your choking clouds
Embracing with my blood your poisons

Stripped of any chance
The clear sky
Abandoned me in thy
Stars have written the sentence

2 thoughts on “Thy veil, oh rain

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Thy veil,oh rain ” has a sharply honed narrative voice that conveys a cloying sense of existential dread. Powerful and evocative, this is not a poem for those of a nervous disposition. Once read , the poem might never let you go .

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