The morning

deep night

An artwork by Sangeeta Suneja

The dark of night awaits,
Playing its calm carousel,
Draping the damp dementia
Of the late last evening,
When the part of the particle broke,
Into two, the bright bismuth and midnight blue,

Rest resulted in a sleep, slumbering in a shallow cloak,

The stream of a running light,Tapped against my door,

The dog rubbed its paws,
Wagging the tail,
for a few moments, in hope,

The morning today again is slow,
It kicks me left and right,
But the day is dumb,
as much, the night was neatly numb,
I opened the latch of the door,
The morning stands, hesitant, out on the floor,
My wish to call her in,
She understands, but I do not speak,
why?  The God only knows!
The morning, in me is the sand, awaits, away at the shore,
We never meet indoor,
She pays me a visit at the gate and goes,

Back to the back waters,
My abyss misses again
an admirable acquaintance,
As she posed, to say a goodbye,
Was wanting to be the sea,
The Moon of monotony moans,
I hang like a broom stick in the corner,
Ready, lazily for the chores,
The morning, without waking the waves,
Once again it goes!

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About Sangeeta Suneja

Sangeeta Suneja is a science graduate from Maharani College Jaipur, holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing from YMCA Institute of Management studies, MBA She has been working with Air India for the past 26 years at New Delhi. She has written more than Seven hundred poetry pieces on her poetry blog. Her work has been published in many international anthologies, She is a motivational author at Featured poet at many online magazines like Angies Sangeeta Suneja also loves to paint, has her own illustrations and abstract paintings to complement her Poetry. She writes in Hindi, (Punjabi and Urdu in English script), and has also written a few short stories and flash fiction in English.

8 thoughts on “The morning

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A deceptively brisk narrative that adventurously marries elements of fantasy,Alice-in-Wonderland like to more mundane quotidian tropes.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for June 2013 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . *** Poem of the Month..The infinite mirrors of Ocean – Iulia Gherghei…***…In the category of Highly Commended ( tabulated in alphabetical order)… **..Akhmatova – Ampat Koshy..**…**..(The)Charred Page – Sana Rose..**…**..Fever – Mary Annie..**…**..Field Walking – Elizabeth Hexberg..**…**..I’m Walking Mammy – Sharon Elizabeth Walker..**…**..Inimitable moments – Gopal Lahiri..**…**..(The)Modern Mourning – Nalini Srivastava..**…**..(The)Morning – Sangeeta Suneja..**…**..(The)Music of soul – Diwakar Pokhriyal..**…**..Swing – Rahul Aithal..**…**..Thought Chat – Reena Prasad..**…**..You – Jobale Wihnope..**…….* The ICOP Poetry Critic (Bi-Monthly) for May/June 2013 is.. Nalini Srivastava.

  3. Sangeeta Suneja Post author

    Louis sir, Destiny poets is a great place, it’s vibrations enlivens my poetry, your feed back is like a new lesson for me, it took me a long time to comment because, the every comment you made, made me work to know what I was writing, I explored reading, the findings the phrases, trying to learn what percolates in my poetry.

    Sometimes the poet is unaware of the meaning that flows out of the poetry, and the new perspectives that you show help me reach out my own crevices of my mind and my poetry.

    Thank you for the honors and the lovely feed back. I celebrate in a jubilation.
    The hat trick!
    Since for the last three months my poetry has enjoyed the status of ‘The Highly Commended poetry.

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