60th.Anniversary (V.E.Day 2005)

Remembering the memories
forgotten,put aside,thrown away
of the slaughtered and slaughtering,
of lightning-like tanks as they came;
you fought them,you beat them
you broke their wheels,
your losses were many
statisitics are large and
a world forgot your story
learned about a girl instead;
her suffering was individual
tragedies are small
while you fought she hid
did to your memories
what the tanks never did;
Hollywood never sheds tears
the Studios never spill blood,
what are your towns and farms
against a pretty female lead
with all her charms?
slaughtering and slaughtered
thrown away,put aside,
forgotten how you fought them
and beat them
and all the while
only a story
The Girl in the cupboard.

(Louis Kasatkin asserts his Right under the Copyright
,Designs&Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work)

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