As Each Night Passeth

As each night Passeth, my strength returns

To feel love and inspiration, for

Everything that’s precious, and new.


Strength in my bones grow daily

Although stairs at first were tough,

But with each step grew courage

which helped me carry on.


To see real pain, within this precious

Beyond compare, of life’s true diversities

as with each given prayer.


‘Please, my Heavenly Father, please

Take these nasty pains away

For I really need my mummy,

to come home with me today?’


As prayers were heartily given, in faith,

And love of God

Each heart-felt prayer was answered

as I returned to loved ones all.


So I begin to grow in strength

I feel the Power of Prayer.

I know that I’m tenderly cared for

as heart-felt prayers are said


as each night continually Passeth.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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