My Creed!

Someday, I’ll look into your eyes

And tell you,

Of how I suffered blows in silence

Merely for your sake!


I believed in that which was projected to me

I believed in the mysticism surrounding it

I believed in it to such an extent

That it became the reason why I breathed!

I suffered the blows, yes,

I hid my tears behind smiles

I learnt to love the agony of it all

I let the prickly thorns swim all over my bloodstream

I pretended that it did not hurt

I pretended that I was the jolliest of them all

Even if the demons of darkness kept sending, to my soul,

The doubts that meaning binding us both

May not seem to have as solid a foundation for you

As it does for me!

Pray, this world is a sorrowful one,

It keeps revolving for no reason

Taking us there where we speculate about

Without any concrete proof!

Amidst all of this madness,

I choose to rest my faith

In the love I hold for you

As, someday,

I want to look into your eyes

And tell you of how I suffered for you

Merely because the universe had whispered to me

That your fate is linked to mine!

Someday, love, we’ll both look back

And be grateful that we survived everything

I am confident of this

As river water is certain to meet with the ocean

As flowers are certain to taste of dew each morning

As poets are certain to be immortalized through their words

As Earth is certain she is revolving for the sake of the power which rules her!

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