The Unshape of you


Some days I wake up

As Medusa’s child   

Fingers and thumbs       

A runaway girl

Sacrificial mom

Dotting daughter

The clothes in my wardrobe

Hang loose sometimes

Some days burst at the seams

Sometimes I show you my tattoo

A little glimpse of flesh

To go with it

I might like it

Done here a little

A little there

(The colour of that bruised soul?

Now, that I hide)

 I sleep at night

A lot like you do

I love my man

Yet fantasize that rank stranger

 I let my hair down

Meet up with friends

And you notice my wine

I play with the rim

You deduce I like it wild  

Just because I know

The white from the red

And I tell you

It depends on my mood

Whether I trim

Or shave

Or just let it grow dense

I too have urges

 Minus the bulges on parade


Will you call me a vixen?

Or one of you

Will you still dedicate?

A day for my ilk

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About Vandana Kumar

Vandana Kumar is a Middle School French teacher in New Delhi, India. An educator with over 20 years of experience, she is also a French translator and recruitment consultant. Her poems have been published in various national and international journals and websites like ‘Mad Swirl’, Toronto based ‘Scarlet Leaf Review’, Philadelphia based ‘North of Oxford’, UK based ‘Destiny Poets’, ‘Lothlorien Poetry Journal’, Saint Paul, Minnesota based ‘Grey Sparrow Journal’, California based ‘The Piker Press’, Canada based ‘Halcyon Days’, ‘Founder’s favourites’, W-Poesis, Singapore based ‘Borderless Journal’, ‘Madras Courier’, Glomag etc. She has featured in anthologies like Houston, Texas based – ‘Harbinger Asylum’ and in two prestigious ones by the US based Indie Blu(e) Publishing – ‘Kali Project’ and ‘But You Don't Look Sick’. She has been part of two projects of the World literature series on Post-modern voices and critical thought. She was a jury member for the ‘All India Poetry Competition’ organized by ‘Cocoa-Butter’ and also co-edited their debut print anthology that resulted from this competition. She also writes articles on cinema that have appeared on websites and journals like ‘Just-cinema’, ‘Daily Eye’, ‘The Free Press Journal’, and The Artamour.

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