Harmonious Waves

Raindrops fall on my nose

Engulfing my tears in their flow

Raindrops sink into my skin

Dousing the fire that burns therein!

Thunder rolls loud and boisterous

Above my head

As if, it were the drum roll of moral laws

Reminding me that the suffering that whirlpools around me

Is merely because of my past actions;

Dark and harmful ones!

Pray, wonder I, do I even deserve a life?

Would it not be better to have merged

Into the space dust,

Enjoying the state of silent rest

Soothing, peaceful and stable,

Having not to face the arrows of emotions?

But then, the mayhem stops and rose,

Next to my feet,

A crystal clear rainbow, on which birds slide

While butterflies make love to each other,

All accompanied by jazzy piano tunes!

Pray, if the grey season ends with such a grand show

Then, maybe I should simply learn

To wipe, from my essence,

My own cultivated negativity

So as to be able to welcome the purity

Of the rainbow when it shall deem that

It is now time for it to sprout from my soul

So that I may use it to allow others to enjoy its show!

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