The magic of the night

If the moon could speak

I would choose to sit in the night

And listen to it disclosing

Every little secret that it has witnessed

Yes, from the forbidden lovers sworn to secrecy

Making up after a painful breakup

To the murders committed by those having angered souls


The painful yearnings of the lovers

For another glimpse of the beloveds

Why, if the moon could speak

It would have disclosed every little secret

That its glow has witnessed!

Having listened to it all

I would have bid it

To recount

Of mine own secrets,

Of mine own sleepless nights

Of mine own whims and feverish aches

Yes, I would ask the moon to recount

Of it all

So that my cheeks do turn crimson

And burn through my skin

To prick the very heart of my heart


In the night

While the gentle wind caresses my skin

And blows my hair into a tornado

I would listen to everything

And smile when love’s arms

Would engulf me in a frenetic embrace

Yes, to it I would succumb

And breathe in its exalt

While the moon would shine brighter and brighter

Knowing that it has yet

Witnessed another grand happening

Of the night’s magical atmosphere!


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