For Saffie Rose Roussos

That day
The eight year old ‘Beautiful little girl’
mouthed the lyrics with Ariana Grande
Whose voice smoothly ascended sky high.
Did the little girl cast shy glances at her mommy?
While moving her lips along with her pop idol?
Now the eight- year- old- going- on- nine
Sings up there with the angels
Gearing to celebrate her ninth birthday.
Frolicking with the feisty clouds, popping popcorn
As war drums loudly beat on, on the earth below
Bleak and stormy.
Ah, may I see my Baby one last time
One Last Time
May be, I can see my baby, one last time.
A distraught mother searches for life in the dead lyrics
‘One last time, I need to be the one who takes you home
………..I promise after that I will let you go
Let you go …..’ She chokes.
And the sky watches poker faced.

[ Saffie Rose Roussos was an eight year old killed
in the terror attack on the Ariana Grande Concert
in Manchester on 22 May 2017 ]

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