The Waltz of Life

I waltz through my life

With a not so comfortable gait

I waltz with a problematic knee

With a self conscious composure

With an awkward stature

Without even knowing the right steps

Why, I waltz

Without even a dance partner

I waltz, alone, taking myself though,

To be a ray of travelling light!

I waltz, while enjoying the tunes of the classical

I waltz, while letting myself get lost and entranced

While feeling wings grow on my heart

And while flying, flying to where life is lived with fairness

And enlightenment!


While I waltz

I dare to complain

I dare to complain about my duty

Which is that of dancing solely

I dare complain that sometimes

The music gets broken

Or the tune is not fit for my mood

Why, I even dare complain about why

I am supposed to waltz, when I could have been doing

Other things, like sculpting works of art

Or painting chef d’oeuvres!

Pray, it is as if I dare complain about having been bestowed Heaven

But then, I realized how wrong I was to complain like that

When I saw the face of feminine charm

The face all men seek at night

When theĀ guardians of desire prowl up above the clouds

Wanting to feel the joys of sex!

Driven men possessed of the spirits of those guardians

Then seek the face of feminine charm

Throughout the night!

But once dawn settles in

The same face becomes repulsive and odious

Yes, the same face walks around

With undone buttons and messy hair

The same face walks around

With an expression of self imposed misery on it

Pray, I saw the face of feminine charm at its worst

And I realized that instead of complaining about having to waltz through life

I should embrace it and be more involved in it!

Pray, gratitude is holy

Of course, I shall not pretend that I did not see the

Ugly side of the face of feminine charm

But then, I have no magic wand to make of this world

A place where all that roams it

Remain immersed in ecstatic joy all the time!

Better it is to waltz through its tunes

With hands always wiping the tears that my eyes shed

When I see the many Truths of this fallen world,

Like the odious side of the feminine face of charm!

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