When Clouds Were Fairies

The swollen clouds hung low
One cloud was a fairy with a huge smile
Another an elf trying to beguile
A five year old
With gestures funny and bold.
Was it a dream or a scream from the past
Resonating in the present?

Yes, I am talking of the time,
When a tiny tot stood on the terrace
Playing with the thin drizzle.

Now there is a dead calm
Am I in a punishment cell?
Is the wilderness listening to the throb of my heart
As it recalls those moments lost in time?
“You know mama that star always smiles at me.”
“Oh really?” She rejoined, with her own smile.
The cauldron needing her attention, as I hugged her tight
Pointing one tiny finger toward the star’s might,
Which from the kitchen shone with a passion bright.

Where were nature’s bright tints now?
Ah, there they were
In the palm of that tiny fellow
Of yore; Glows of joy, sparkling yellow.
From the glowworm bright
Escaping that tiny fist, closed tight.
That glow still brightens the present, you know.

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