Champagne Bubbles for Renoir

oh, the violins ….
how they weave their net for us
in a loud conspiracy with the mild wind

oh, the champaign colored like moon
how she bubbles in our ear intoxicating hymns
sewing and breaking destinies

oh, the street lamps….
yellowish flames of temptations
smoothing our rough edges

oh, the spring flowers…
how they snow upon us their aroma
flooding the pavement with our lust

oh, the dance
how they spin and spin again
ready to ignite the stars
freezing the time
with their black hole like gowns
with a lush dark blue brush
sliding into
a Renoir painting…
oh, that dance…

2 thoughts on “Champagne Bubbles for Renoir

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This delightfully lucious confection evokes an ambience redoldent,at least for me,of the iconography of The Great Gatsby and the decadence of the Jazz Age.

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