Jesus and a lamb

I have a painting on my hearth,
Jesus and a lamb.
When I feel like giving up,
it reminds me who I am.

Tells me He will Carry me,
when I can walk no more.
When I am faint, He Stands for me,
to open one more door.

It reminds me of a Greater Love,
than any I have known.
Always holding onto me,
pierced hands to lead me Home.

Ever saying, ‘don’t quit now
Have I not brought you far,
I Am , you can, because of me,
and I know where you are.’

Lay all your burdens down this night
in My Arms to rest.
Be assured you are My Lamb,
and know that you are Blessed.


Isaiah 40:11.
‘He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart’

1 thought on “Jesus and a lamb

  1. HowardFrost

    I’m now at “Jesus and a Lamb”, having sort of looked at your last three in reverse order.
    Good post again – my previous comments apply.
    How about Longer lines? – I know they are more difficult to handle metrically and even in terms of rhyme, but, challenge provokes thought.

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