Leafy flight

I took nothing
of a definite sort
luring me to rest, and
It went on blowing
Whole of fearful nights

I kept my child, safe
Warmth of my womb
The only safety floating inside, that
he must not see outside –
The gallow of the darker nights

What hanker it cries
Outside; whirling.
It was all bricks and mortar
Birthing a new death, and
I took to a leafy flight


I do not know how to live ,
I do not know how to love ,
I do not know how to cry ,
I have forgotten how to laugh ,
I know not who am I ,
I am boxed up , I am holed up ,
‘ Closed for the Day ‘ ……
clueless about time ,
clueless about day ,
I am frozen and still
sitting by the bay ,
When the Sun will shine
and melt me away ,
you will find a puddle
much to your dismay ,
now if you say dndndndnd
there will be no one to address ,
I am boxed up , I am holed up ,
‘ Closed for the Day ‘ ……
© Dr Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .

Water, The cycle of life (by Doug High)

Water, The cycle of life.

People scatter ashes
to visit now and then
but I have found another way
to always remember them
I look up to the clouds
all colours do I see
evaporated water
that we all used to be.

Water cannot ever be destroyed
it’s always been around
from the steam from a cremation
or buried under ground
they say that half our body
is made of water pure
but water it must leave us
no use to us anymore.

But the world will keep on turning
as it has for eternity
and water is into everything
from ice to a huge oak tree
it’s even in refreshments
that we all have to drink
even in the washing up
that ends up down the sink.

It will start another cycle
from the sea up to the clouds
end up in another creature
forever going around
but no one escapes the cycle
it’s in every kind of people
the good the bad the ugly
even the dam right evil.

So next time when you shed a tear
don’t be quick to brush away
it could be a long lost loved one
saying, hello I’m always here
and when we leave this paradise
and thrown into the mix
rising from your ashes
will be water your phoenix.

Doug High.



Alas! What is born should die.
That it brings much sorrow and grief is no lie,
In many, emotional pain and depression,
All unavoidable truths in succession.

Of all biological functions bereft,
Of life nothing left,
The corpse, a set of remains, a cadaver
When all flesh gone, merely a skeleton later.

Innumerable are the causes which bring about deaths
Trauma resulting in terminal injury, or accidents,
Homicide, dehydration, starvation or malnutrition,
Disease, aging or predation.

Many cultures and religions believe,
After death, again you live,
In after life, you gain a recompense
Or for one’s sins a sentence.

Buddhists believe after death there is enlightenment,
Plato termed the separation of soul and body as bereavement.
According to Epicurus ‘when death is we are not’.
And Hinduism maintains after death people reincarnate.

Nowadays, we have almost lost count of who is dying,
Such a heavy death toll, the ravaging pandemic is causing.
Alas! Death comes as the great leveller unaware
And lays its icy hands alike on kings and beggars, beware.

On the Death of My Heart

O’ my heart! To you I submit my apology
For your untimely passing, I stand guilty
For I put you love, beyond life’s mythology
That asks, to be adhered to its gravity
Being punctually rational, without levity,
Inside conventionally accepted geography
But I left you free, then took off your brevity
I restricted you breathe, as stated in biology
I avow, I must have studied some cardiology

O’ my heart! How felonious methinks
And I weep, I mourn on your sad demise
Caused by me, who is a kind of jinx,
I weep more I mourn more for I do realize
You may never breathe, for a life of its size
I lament! You died, I lament! You are buried
I send my tears to the clouds upon the skies
I ache for the aches, my heart! You carried
I beg your curse! I must never get healed!

©® Naheed Akhtar

Serenity is blue

Serenity is a wave
Blue in a frame, pink when you call your mother
Serenity caught in a frame
A wave sinking ships
Swirls of dreams shattered
Muted tears, eyeballs popped up from the turtle’s orbits
Serenity hue drained from the intricate veins
Death in small particles, coloured dust on a Butterfly wings
Serenity found in the cinder flakes ascending from the devil’s pit
Laughter turned to shrieking
Louder, louder, son of mine
Louder, louder, daughter of mine
Let’s sink this ship
Louder into the serenity seas
Break all the windows
Let your mother breathe in one more time
This arrogantly pretext of an air
Flip one more coin before the agony


Buddha says that all composite things
Are perishable and we should strive
For our own liberation with diligence

In these days of COVID-19
Where nations at large are suffering, and scientists are taking long to find a vaccine,
People are loosing dear ones
And the echoes of their cries are clearly heard in distant shores

Every sunset knows a sunrise
And every end of the tunnel knows light.
Maybe humanity will see light
After wilting and withering in terrains
Hot and dry without a ray of hope

Amidst this marathon task of survival,
Humanity’s inner self, re-engineered
Revolutionized, realized the meaning of existence,
An existence where all men are brothers
And man is higher than what he thinks.
Our perceived differences evaporated,
And we came to the unarguable conclusion
That humanity is one.

We stood like a stunned rabbit
Stuck in front of COVID-19’s light,
Light that liberated us from darkness,
Changing the course of a whole lifetime.
Replenished with an inexpressible
Joy and satisfaction, together we realized
That love, understanding and compassion
Are the requisites of a good life
That will help us find our liberation with diligence

by Pramila Khadun

The Dark Rose

She was about nine or ten
selling bunches of red roses
a tattered frock, mangled hair
but her eyes – shone!
as she stood on tip- toe and stretched out her hand
when my car stopped at the traffic signal.
I smiled and she smiled back
“Aren’t you afraid of the cars” I asked
“No” she laughed
then showed me a wound
which looked like a dark rose –
the colour of blood!