Mother Earth Greets the New Dawn


In the auspicious hour of silence, Mother Earth greets the new dawn.

Revelling, savouring the smiling crack of dawn,

The dawn, full of hope, of life and creation,

In the vegetative world with its mysteries, increasing the fascination.

The silhouettes of trees start revealing their verdant beauty,

Ready to conquer the first morning air as darkness dissipates steadily,

To display mesmerising hues of red and pink in the eastern horizon. 

As an enticement to join the celebration,

Soon increasing with the myriads of hues, the fascination,

And redeemed by this phenomenon, nature dances in exhilaration.


In awe stands the poet, full of admiration of this silent beauty.

Soon the sun peeps out of the skyline gradually, 

And the magical beauty captivates him,

Heart and soul, and the thrill sweeps over him, 

He thinks of glorifying in his aubades, 

This diurnal revolution of the earth in different shades.

No less attracted is the artist who starts visualising

Of presenting this awesome divine moment in his painting.

Will he be able to portray even a fraction of this phenomenal beauty?

Will he, the mortal, achieve in depicting this magnificent scenery?


He is not alone to be lost in radiant hope and admiration,

Soon the birds start twittering melodiously in unison,

Flying from one branch to another with much gaiety,

The mynahs peep full throatedly,

The red fody proudly perches on one branch, single,

Not at all wishing with others to mingle,

The serin bird is already at work, doing its best,

Skilfully ripping the choicest palm leaves to weave its nest.

The emboldened paille-en-queue soars higher and higher gaily,

Parading its unique beauty majestically.


Every blade of grass seems to rejoice.

The leaves awake to the sunlight to power photosynthesis,

All the flowers send out fragrant scents, full of enthusiasm,

The flower buds of sunflowers start exhibiting their heliotropism,

Attracting the bees which soon start going around,

And soon the honeycombs with honey abound,

The butterflies add to the ambiance, flying merrily around,

The grasshoppers hop gaily in jubilation,

As if to rejoice in the celebration,

Of the radiant rising sun.  


The freshness, the beauty and the gaiety abound.

The auspicious hour and the serenity around 

 Awakes in the human world, the desire for divine connection,  

To feel His omnipresence and His intervention,

In each thought, each decision and action,

And to bow down in thankfulness and veneration

To the Supreme Lord of this wonderful creation,

For continuous guidance and benediction, 

The benediction of love, hope and faith as assurance 

To fill the new day with profound serenity and peace.

©Pushmaotee Subrun

In the City of Joy and Pain

The pavement is his home now
He has nowhere to hide
Devotion and poverty’s vow
Brings love close to his side

Not far a stove burns always
Some soup it will provide
Bread that his hunger allays
A love that does not chide

My pen must write his song now
For one angel is gone
But someone comes to wipe his brow
For love’s work must go on

She told us all our story
How we hunger for love
O fiercer than a lion she was
And gentler than a dove

On sidewalks still her acolytes
Bring comfort till the end
And when the north wind bites
They take some home to mend

Who’s jealous of such kindness ?
Who guillotines such aid ?
O Heaven help such blindness !
O let such evil fade !

In our city of joy
In our city of pain
Let us defeat this ploy
And let love reign again

( ASA )

The Unraveling

Like a second time bride

My mind did rewind

To the first and the latter

I ask which parts really matter

I lived life and I lost it

Just how much should this cost me

All love is not lost

what’s broken cannot be re broken

your love a mere token

Gone with the wind once again

An end, a beginning

oh why am I singing

you are here but you’ve already been

my heart knows that which cannot be seen

This path is new but it’s already been seen

silently my song turns into a scream

Radiating Contentment is the Quintessence

Radiating Contentment is the Quintessence

With limbs or half upper limbs in our human existence,

Radiating contentment is the quintessence

On your countenance,

Braving the world stoically with resilience

Is what matters by the Lord’s munificence.


The brilliant joie de vivre emitting, is catching,

Magic ripples automatically start forming,

In circles, again and again, extraordinarily increasing,

With positive vibes more and more undulating,

Far beyond eternity, in the universe reaching.


And what we need is fellowship and amity

To make this world more beautiful wholly.

Let love, care, and comprehension, 

 And empathy be our utmost emanation,

To save the world from social starvation


Many are those who are millionaires

Proudly putting on airs

Of being the smartest

The most connoisseur and wisest

When actually, their attitude is like a desert

With no life, no warmth touching the heart.


Hence, let’s try to reach the uttermost limit,

On this world’s stage, be examples of being a hit.

Let us shine like the brightest star,

Our physical appearance should not mar,

And the world will stand up and say,

Yes, here is somebody whom you cannot dismay! 


©Pushmaotee Subrun

The Double Present

What we do in the present creates our tomorrow today

but not everyone is pleasant as they go about their day

I wonder if they realise just how much power they have

to give or take a life away through their thoughts and words and deeds

or If they ever ponder on what God already knows

that we are all creators too and this is our Father’s school

so take a moment to kneel and pray an Amen and a Thank you

for the gift of this present 🎁 the God particle in you

and then you’ll see this from now on and guard what you say and do

For knowing this is a real gift that comes from heaven above

A pleasant present in these moments that we all share, given to each of us with 💕 love.


The first thought was to sow some coriander seeds
Then fenugreek and spinach
But the compulsions of the seasons intervened
And the matter was settled on some green chilli plants
Some okra and a few creepers of courgettes
To climb the backyard wall
behind the guava trees
The neighbour’s jamuns , though sweet
Cast too oppressive a shadow over the little yard
The branches had to be ruthlessly trimmed.
Listening to the sing – song voice of the eastern gardner
Brought back memories of times spent
In an even more distant land
A stab of pain
A band of suffocating tightness around the chest
That took the breath away
It was not nostalgia : it was something far more physical and ominous
And it gave no time to think
Death had been stalking the garden planner for long
Was this its time ? Stillness ,
And a faint scent of green coriander
Hung in the mid- morning air .

It was a sunny day in March
And a cool breeze blew from the mountains
Colouring the sky bluer
Now more than ever seems it rich to live
The curry- leaf bush smiled in a daydream
Redolent of pale mauve , white and lacy
crushed coriander flowers .

Far away , a man had once been heard singing :
“ Kaniya, du go dhaniya de de “:
“ Maiden , won’t you spare me two stalks of coriander ? “
The coriander song can never be forgotten .

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

I Read Your Poems



My friend!
I am no Shakespeare, no Wordsworth
Nor a Bradley or Coleridge
Just an average reader of poetry
Who reads your poem with heart and mind

It is my honour and privilege
You invited me to your poem
To enter into the heart of your heart
Feelings and emotions, ideas and passion Crystallised into a beautiful verse
I feel elated, like a child with the moon in hand,
An irresistible urge
To have a glimpse and know what and how it is

When I read your poem
I see you in front
Feel you, feel your mind and heart
Smile and tears going into the composition
It blankets my mind and take me to your world,
A world of poetry,
A world where I truly live

I could see the smile,
From the core of your heart
Fathom the depth of your ecstasy
When you get your words right
Emotions move like a flowing stream
Simile and metaphors are in perfect harmony
I could sense that moment
When your heart rhymes with your lines
Your inner being dances in joy
When poetry and poet becomes one
And you are dragged into a different world
A state of undefined bliss
Where remains hardly any difference
Between you and your poetry

No one is like you
No one can ever be
I respect you
Respect your lines,
The efforts, feelings and madness
That go in to the making of your compositions
Like you, your creations are so unique,
So different.
I am just in love with them
Don’t think your poems go unnoticed
I read them with love and sincerity
Always a pleasure reading you, your mind
Emotions and feelings
Go on writing, go on unfolding yourself
And tagging me as and when you like
I am here to to read all these
If they are not against decency and morality,
Peace, amity and humanity.

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

Let us Save Our Planet!

It is high time we save our planet,

Our life giving, life sustaining planet,

Our beneficent mother earth from whose womb we came,

And who will our lives ultimately claim.


We have witnessed disasters unseen,

Calamities so unforeseen,

Lost so many near and dear human beings.

Brace up now, oh ye the Lord’s image, ye human beings!


Save our planet from factors such as temperature, radiation,

Climate, chemistry and geology which need consideration.

For, due to environmental issues, the climate is changing rapidly,

Smog and acid rains are becoming frequent jeopardy,

With flood, famine, drought, landslides hitting calamitously.


We are precariously polluting the air, water and noise poisonous,

With industries discharging their untreated waste hazardous

Into the water bodies, on soil, and in air alarmingly.

And the greenhouse gasses increase the temperature considerably,

With further pollution by our vehicle and factories, catastrophically.


Why not resort to electric vehicles or those powered by solar energy,

With sustainable wind energy, which are all environment friendly?

And why not conserve more natural habitats with promptitude,

Manage those that already exist, increase production of food

On cleared land, to minimize mineral exhaustion and increase fuel wood?


Furthermore, to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, reforestation

Will boost the natural cycles and help in groundwater restoration.  

If we ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ we shall ameliorate the situation.

Indeed! It is time to heed the calamitous situation,

Otherwise, doom will embrace us, with much ruination!  


©Pushmaotee Subrun