Soups and soup

Seagulls fare well, on the shore
It’s better to have duck soup.
Stoves blaze, inner skull heats up
Thought soups wash down duck soup.

Seagulls are unworthy, above the shore
It’s better to have creamy soup.
Stoves blaze, inner skull heats up
Idea soups wash down creamy soups.

Seagulls are fat, under the shore
It’s better to have brain soup.
Stoves blaze, inner skull heats up
Creative soups wash down brain soup.

Seagulls are unruly, beyond the shore
It’s better to have turtle soup.
Stoves blaze, inner skull heats up
Vision soups wash down turtle soup.

Seagulls are incorrigible, over the shore
It’s better to have buffalo soup.
Stoves blaze, inner skull heats up
Sense soups wash down buffalo soup.

Seagulls are lousy, beneath the shore
It’s better to have tongue soup.
Stoves blaze, inner skull heats up
Mission soups wash down tongue soup.

Seagulls are buffoons, upon the shore
It’s better to have goat soup.
Stoves blaze, inner skull heats up
Humane soups wash down goat soup.

Seagulls are dead, in the shore
It’s better to have fox soup.
Stoves blaze, inner skull heats up
Attitude soups wash down fox soup.


Summer and WhatsApp brought us together:
You forwarded some wise bloke’s well-lit thoughts
And misunderstood my silence as consent
For more quotes,videos,emojis, and what not–
I felt a homelessness the homeless never felt.

You blessed and cursed in many tongues
But I could embrace you only in one–
The howling rain gave us no respite
While my fingers stroked your favourite song to sleep
Beyond the blurred landscape of deceit that night.

How could I have possibly known
You hated slender and shameless adjectives
But adored bruised and battered verbs and nouns:
A bunch of fragrant promises
Flung into the bylanes of forgetten towns–

Arguing with your angry gods,did you
Ever wonder if it was worth the wait
Holding on to hope? You said:
”Love will message us back to life,or be
Another borrowed, dust-blurbed book left unread.”



Independence is a state of mind
A way of life
To be internalised and nourished
To make one independent
Of pride and prejudice
Hatred and jealousy
Violence and fanaticism
Fear and false vanity
And all those negative emotions
That make one badly respond
To whims and irrationality

It is beautifully reflected
In what you think
In what you do
How you approach life
And look at others
With whom you interact
With whom you do not

It is an atmosphere
That offers you the best
To be your own sell
An opportunity to flower and flourish
And make your dream a reality

It is not a licence
To do anything
You feel like
Is always subject to decency and morality
And other’s right to enjoy
The same with all dignity

copyright@smruti Ranjan 16.8.2015

Sound of Silence

What does silence speak,
deep within it’s apparition;
What does feeling of alienation mean,
in this swarming world.

I talk to the stars
And they whisper in silence
Like the moon cries a silent cry
In the dark of deep azure.

I blub in the silence of oceans
as they carry away the sadness.
And the waves carry with it
the loneliness, grounding my soul.

I talk to the lost trees
standing tall amidst the open, flat grasslands.
I don’t know when these tress are no more
and I could find a place that is unspoiled my man.

With silence, comes
perseverance and gratitude,
appreciation and satisfaction.
To sit in silence, makes the life express thyself.

© Mehak Gupta Grover
All copyrights reserved


I wish everyone ran to the light,
Do not hide in the dark
There are some difficulties in life,
To cope, measure and move.

would have wanted something new,
trying to live in every pain,
Identified from the clouds, from the sky,
How would the lightning rain?

denoting wish or desire!!!
I don’t have anything in my mind,
In response, in the live-won moves,
there is no difficulty,
I don’t even lose anything.


How chairs are made,
Whoever makes it never sits.

I don’t know
Why are empty chairs exposed?

Sometimes we used to sit there,
By chatting with friends,
Some girls played
wandering around,
Memories were waking up ever,
Many dreams bloomed,
Now people don’t go there,
They are angry with their own eyes,
at home
The sofa is planted.

Empty chairs are now missing
Waiting, in the sabre.

Chairs are never anybody’s,
Time plays out.

Death gapes

Death gapes at me
While I pretend to be not aware
Of its bulky presence!

Death grins
Knowing that sooner or later,
I shall definitely be in its grips!

Death does know not though
Of how much in love I am with it
It is the only medium
Through which
I shall cease to be curse
It is the only medium
Through which
I shall no more be a self imposed burden!

Death is,
As it has always been for me,
Ever since I begot the awakening of an adult
The only release that would be able to soothe me,
The only carriage which would allow me
To drift to there where seas are made of ambrosia
And living centers around jolliness!

Death gapes,
While chuckling to itself
Of how much of an intruder it is,
A peeper, a pervert even
Knowing not
That it is,
In the very end,
My lover,
The only one whose embrace
I yearn for
The only one whose embrace
Shall be not for me,
A sin!

Lighting the Lamps of Love

Let us light up those erased lamps,
which humanity is crying to revamp;
Let us love, shimmer and blink together,
in every clinched fists and brutal grasp.

Let the rays fill the darkest hearts,
let us sell love not sold in the marts;
The supreme creation as we are,
malleable mud is our elemental part.

Universal brotherhood can only shove,
the concept of love and be loved;
Let us kindle our homes with a pious light,
must mind, the noblest charity is to lend love.

Copyright © 2015 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved

An ocean apart

An ocean apart we appeared to be,

Country ,religion and culture defined my boundary

When luck struck as a lightening

Beckoning us towards a joint destiny

Encompassed by a feeling never felt before

Slowly silently the hearts resonated

Transcending the man made boundaries

Being woven into one by the talismanic  ring

With the passing of time our worlds changed

Passions faded and feelings dulled.

In distress and distrust our lives were plunged.

Alas! The talisman ceased to cast its spell

Like strangers at home, we started to dwell

Once rhapsodically involved and epitome of love

Now lying so close yet oceans apart we became.