I look your invisibility

Everything that I touch
Objects of my household
From an empty chair
to a solitary bed –
All familiarity with my invisible eyes
I traverse the woes of your departure
That try to press me here –
Worn out paint from an old chair
The greasy layers of teakwood bed

You are still there into my present
Caressing thy love, and
To give you a motherly chase
I tickle myself
A little by my playful heart
And run you through.
Tired, I look your invisibility
Streaking my cheeks with warm tears
Forgetting time in all its pass

Quicksand Mind

I see an apparition coming towards me,
It touches me and we are one.
It merges in me taking control,
Of my mind,body and soul.
I smile but it is a facade,
I party laugh and have loads of fun,
But who knows,it is a charade.
I crave for death,and i want to live,,
Sometimes I just need to be high,
There is nothing left to give.
In dark ,hazy cloud of smoke,
I yearn to forget all.
In the quick sand games of my mind
Am I for forever lost?

*On occasion of World Mental Health Day ,today

Such a sad tale

Such a sad tale

O`er the water the man did come

To the beauty of this town he did succumb

He stayed a while to pass the days

Eventual rest makes this where he stays

But twas while he stopped off the village green

The stories emerged of what he had seen

Since a young one to soldering he`d been dedicated

A lass he did meet and became infatuated

Then alas away to war with all the rest

She was left behind to fend as best

While battle raged and bombs flew low

He wrote a letter with seeds to sow

Seeds of love he told her about

Soon to consummate and to murder doubt

Whilst on leave in the big black town

Married became in a white bed he laid her down

Back to war a very happy man

He left behind his biggest fan

Nine months on he`s still away

She`s with child no time to play

A son is delivered one windy night

Alas he`s ignorant of her plight

Here it is this sad twist of fate

For when he came home it was too late

The bomb that struck hit her clean

That is that fate had been

All alone, he was for years

No wife no child

Just memories and tears

Musings From A Rainy Afternoon

I’m deceitful enough to believe you’re no one’s but mine

But then you are

When you pour down in all your fury

I see no one but you

And I know you drench no one but me.

I’m deceitful enough to believe our love story is one of it’s kind

And it is

When we are together nothing else matters

I have you and you have me

And we have our endless stories.

I’m deceitful enough to say I’ll love you in my own terms

Sometimes making you beat relentlessly

On the forte of glass I’ve built

And sometimes simply walking into you

Letting you have your way with me.

I’m deceitful enough to believe I care less when you walk away

Even when I burn inside

Knowing how enslaved I am

To your beauty sometimes vicious

Sometimes divine.

I’m deceitful, and I don’t care

For when you come, you come for me

And sketch a fantasy of eternity

Of us forever holding our hands

And watching the world go by.


With full humbleness,
today, I owe each one an explanation
on behalf of womankind
for state of sorrowness
plying to the haziness
leading to mere pretending locution.

With full humbleness,
today, I owe each one a promise
on behalf of womankind
the right to live in dignity
free from fear, coercion
violence and discrimination.

With full humbleness,
today, i owe each one a dare
on behalf of womankind
not to take our sensitivity
as our debility
not to see our daintiness
as our disability.

With full humbleness,
today, i owe each one a challenge
on behalf of womankind
to speak out forcefully for
zero tolerance
to all forms of violence
to all sorts of absurdity.

Mehak Gupta Grover

Come to me

Come to me as often as you will and can
Leave your bag of troubles at my door
Come in with your smile and frown no more
I see a lady juggling life
I see a lady dealing with the strife
I also see a girl vulnerable and raw
But fear not, that there, I am no longer the law
I see it in your eyes when we each look deep
Your smile tells me the love you have there
A love for you I would like to share
Give me your heart, its mine to keep
You have mine if you want it, yours to be taken
But please keep it safe ensure it`s not forsaken
So time we need to just make sure
That this effort is not lost for the want of more
If you are true and feel the same as me
Then we can be together we can be ‘we’
The pathway I have trod is a path that’s true
No fuss no games just fun and laughter
Two lovers looking, for that happy ever after
A cautionary note though I have to lay
My heart is not for you to use, to break, to play
I am despite all else a true man to my word
My love when full given is real and total
To break it would render me totally mortal

I am in Love


         I AM IN LOVE

for a change
we just looked at each other
and the rest is history
life unfolded its beauty like never before

we are in love once more
how soon everything changed
and the world became so beautiful and fascinating once again

i looked at you
you are the same, no signs of ageing, no wrinkles, no black spots,
i could see nothing, only sense that ageless heart beating for the sake of love
those beautiful eyes, dancing dimples, rosy cheeks, quivering lips, drooping eyes and inviting gestures telling me
it is not all over
still, there is enough in us
to captivate each other for years together

love is always in its youth
love never grows old, it is as it was
much before when we first fell in love
we don’t feel it, feel its warmth and beauty because we never look at it
the way we used to look at it
life is all about finding that love
rediscovering the moments
and passion for each other

life is living gracefully
falling in love with one’s love
falling in love with oneself
and life again and again
irrespective of the situation
and its constraints

my love!
truth is in front of me, in my eyes
truth is in front of you, in your eyes
let nothing come in between
i and you, we and our love
and let us live life in love and passion
till we are here

©smrutiranjan 30.9.2018
All rights reserved

Turing test

O Machine!
Even if you could pass
The Turing test
By your refined dataquest
Competing byte by byte
On us humans
Will you ever be blessed
To weep my heart
When your power goes down
Because of the weaker electric signals
Running throughout your wired body
Putting a ney
To your seemingly conscious form
I will be there
Standing beside you
Holding a shovel by my firm hands

Stay With Me Tonight


Stay with me tonight.

For the stars are dazzling  bright

And the moon is in its loony height,

Stay with me,

for there is a blinding light.

My heart beats in a way strange

Throbbing hard to break loose.

For it is not the dark I fear

But it is the light  that shears.

hiding the dark within its folds.

As not  acclimatized  to un reined  joy  

I fear I may stumble  and drown

in the music of the night,

that  tugs at the  ascetic core.

Arousing a tempest  under my skin

Wavering my thoughts to overflow all limits.

With the cool wind playing through my locks,

wafting  musk tickling sensuous  senses,

the  heart, accustomed to fraught silence,

and mind, tamed to   respect  boundaries,

threaten to betray, to taste this life,

to get swept in the ephemeral ecstasy,

burying the conscience under piles of allures.

It is then that  exhilarated senses tend to slide,

sinking  in the delusion and grandiose  all around,

giving the devil reasons to smile,

tempted to taste the forbidden.

O faith don’t leave my side,

Tonight and every night.