A soldier’s message

Dear beautiful people across the world,

When you see a soldier passing by,

Wait for a minute to pay your respect to him.

He deserves your love and compassion

And much more than this your respect

For the noble work that he does everyday,

In sunshine and in rain, in thunder and lightning

And most perillous of all, the mountain slopes and snow.

At the cost of his life and his love for his family,

He stands upright to fight for your security

And your life which is so precious to him,

Irrespective of your caste or color.

His pioneer contribution to his motherland,

Can neither be measured nor compared.

He believes in himself and in God,

In his motherland and the nation at large

Is his family, his prized possession.

Never say an unkind word to a soldier,

Never hurt his heart and never let his body bleed.

Though ordinary, his mission is extraordinary.

Is there a man who is greater than a soldier?

pramila khadun

An Appetite

All through the sunny days of childhood

I kept nurturing my brain

Looking after the minutest needs

Toning it with the best lubricants

To excel in tasks given to me

Flattering it with all buttery phrases

So that it gives me all the pleasure

the world asks for.

Poured in almonds

Tuned it to the finest stores of knowledge –

To find one fine morning

That it had its reins tied to the heart

That would not listen to its pleas-

Logical and empirical.

Heart measuring distances

Finding ways to squeeze them

To grab them

And keep in its wrist

Deciphering new scriptures of love

Hidden in sands of time.

Wanting to unravel

All that the world does not want

Lest its pursuit of pleasure is hampered.

Heart knows no petty pleasures

Carries an appetite

For ecstasies

Rare and unfound.

Poet The Thief

He wouldn’t say it anymore

Trust not a poet, the thief
Who would rob your heart
Idolize you in verses
Taking away your treasured life
Keeping in hiding your virtues
Sculpturing the poetic semblance
Yet, dissolving you
Into a model’s corner
Acclaiming your silent existence;
Just for a profound stimulation
Often in the grip of passion
He would wave turbulence
Into your viscous heart
You would be an outcast in no time
Thrown into an alcove of solace!

I did reciprocate and register

So am I, a poet you narrate, a thief
Could snatch your heart
Merely in the hook of my
Bewildered charm in the eyes
Lashing all my poetic utterances
With an ever cunning whip
Here I’ve built the structure
Definitely, it’s of the divine poetry;
You are used up in secret
And evaded off your treasures,
Virtues and fineries …
Am I not your poet, the thief?
A pyromaniac!

O My Solitude!

The night has put a halt on each impulse,
in this dark city lane,
all souls are resting at this hour,
in their safe haven;
But this solitude is awake with me,
wandering on this brick lane.
O Solitude! Join me to see the daybreak,
at the end of this pain.

You’re invincible I know
nobody can influence you,
Ieaning against this wall
I’m looking for some solace and pity;
Lemme, walk beside you
in this unfamiliar, exotic city,
as two staggering lunatics
strolling round the city.

Copyright © 2019 DrNikhat Bano All rights reserved.
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Kids in shreds

Kids in Shreds

We were clicking
pics so many
whispering in ears
I love you honey …..
the google location
mattered more
so did the pout
and the hugs galore…..
when there was a black out
deafening blast ,
my men in shreds
all bloody red
roses for love
red hearts and doves
all silenced in a moment
humanity in despair !
My kids , though poor
are fearless sure
choosing to sacrifice
leisure and love
My kids ! my kids , on border
serving the nation
a bolt from dark skies
cannot be a deterrent
They screamed and cried ,
laying their brothers to rest…..
to wrap in the flags
nothing was left ,
they all were one
in life and death
I know not ,
where should I lay the wreath ?
life will go on
for me and you
just remember them
for moments few !
soon there will be
green grass and dew ,
where the kids lay
in shreds they blew ,
winds will blow
of agony and anger
over my nation
as emotions grow stronger ,
let every eye
have just one tear…..
for every mother
who gave her child
to the blazing border !

( © Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .)

Paint Me Red

Before I knew you, My Love!
Cold and frozen was my soul;
Dawn stayed away from me
and distant sky was my only abode.

In pursuit of your love I roamed alone,
toiling in the time in earth’s zones;
Pray, paint my world all red,
and fuse divine peace into amourous storm.

Be my valentine each day, O My Wooer!
No one can ascertain a day for an admirer,
A true love is just luck and can even befall,
on any eclipsed day from the pale lips of a lover.

Copyrights reserved © DrNikhat Bano
February 14, 2019.

Be My Valentine

At the beach side
Or at the roof top,
When I am lonely,
Looking at setting sun
Of my ending life,
Be my valentine.

When even family
Leaves my side.
When I am free from rush
But caught in strife.
When I forget to cheer myself
Be my valentine.

When I start to forget,
What is yours or mine.
I start missing wishing days
And my strength is on decline,
When frowns replace laughterlines
Be my valentine.

When my giggling eyes
Are replaced by lost look.
When i forget to turn off the stove
And I burn off the things to cook.
When I deserve the least to be your darling
Will you be valentine?


Rope from the ceiling 
noose made perfect
a small table 
right underneath ,
syringes filled 
with killer potion
needles by the side
ready to pierce ,
Balcony wide open
no grill no glass
windy on top
dark clouds with floss ,
roaring sea 
rushing waves
with arms wide open
distant gaze ,
speeding train
clanking wheels
a free style jump 
or lying still ,
People were asking
Is he mad ? 
Is she insane ?
Stop him quick !
Hold her please !
He and She make the World 
He and She break the World…..
Is it so easy 
to take ones life ?
Who permits them ?
to torment …
to whisk out the soul 
which dwells within ,
such ungrateful hosts
cowards utmost ,
now wish to return…
but there is No Option 
To Undo and Restore ,
choking breath 
flooding lungs 
senses numb
soul squeezing out ,
all is lost 
in a single bout ……
madness infused
leading to death
so is that the great win 
having lost and run ?
pointing a gun
index on trigger ,
logic misfired
you are gone forever
so , is the problem solved ?
It multiplies further
hence ,  Stop ! My Dear !
Do Not Fear 
Run Back to Life
And Embrace Tight 
You Have To Fight !

( © Dr. Swati A Gadgil , All Rights Reserved .)

Be Yourself

Be yourself.

Spread your fragrance

and let it flutter like a butterfly.

The lotus that grows only in the mud,

is the most beautiful amongst the rest.

Hardships will come and will evaporate like smog.

You just need to be strong

and keep spreading the warmth.

People will keep saying this and that,

their job is to make you mad,

be firm, be pure in your heart,

keep spreading your fragrance all apart.

Roses have thorns,

still they are the symbol of love;

Be the spark that ignites all above.

Be the shinning star,

that sparkles through out

and spread your fragrance all around.

Be the bird and fly above

and let everyone be amazed

at your supremacy.

Don’t hesitate and be brave,

for, that is the key to your victory.

Keep spreading your fragrance

for the world to bloom,

and nurture it with all your love!

Mehak Gupta Grover