( A Mid – Monsoon Night Thunderstorm in Patna )

This minute
This half – hour
A noisy thunderstorm is raging around me
It’s sounds ominous
It seems to want to tear apart
Not just man- made edifices
Our schools and colleges
hospitals and shopping malls
Bungalows apartments and huts
Our embankments and bridges
But even the trees and plants
That Nature has nurtured
Every bird- nest sways precariously
Some fall
Trees are uprooted
Roof tiles fly like leaves in autumn winds
Window panes shatter
Electric poles fall
Transformers burn and die out
With a terrible noisy shuddering of their oil- filled coils
We are truly in the dark
We fear earthquakes
For in such fury of Nature do they come
As crowning disasters
To Patna and Bihar
Cursed by the Buddha
To be ever in the spate
Of Flood or Fire
Earthquake or Riot

Man and beast
Bird and insect
All cower
Trying to take shelter
Till somehow the fury passes

Where is Coronavirus ?
Yes , where is it ?
Who will save us from this more immediate Death
That chills the air
And spares no bird or beast
And treats man’s concrete structures with contempt –
Richly deserved ?

Shall we all die tonight ?
Is this my last poem ?
Ask me , do ,
If this is an autobiographical poem

Not I
But the Storm shall answer

( Amita Sarjit Singh )


Oh! That caught me in awe, I felt being dragged

My dwindling emotions strikingly arrested!

Slowly I found myself escalating in a fervour

The sparks from those eyes welding the gaps

Suspicions just vaporized, leaving nothing dark!

His body spoke with an inane build-up

Matched surprisingly to his steps to the podium

The mesmerizing words spilt out so mildly

Yet modulated were those with a profound voice

Commanding the attention of every corner.

Spellbound, my eyeballs rolled and ears spread

Anxiously grasping every bit of notion he sprayed

Heart in resonance vibrated, letting the brain wide open

To be stormed by the wonderful realms of relativity

Time and space playing miraculous proximity!

Not only just impressed, but strikingly inspired!

I chose to leap into the depths of physics,

I owe to my mentor, my Professor the guide

Who ignited in me to love the subject, Physics

And thus the passion for teaching sprouted in me.

A lotus smile

It was happiness of a
Different kind –
A lotus smile
Hanging in the dark air

I did not worked skies for it, nor
Called on my wishes, trumpeting.

It was the remains of my other “me”
of the far world, that
Had come
Trailing by itself
To mirror on me

I groped in that invisible maze,
I applied myself to “myself”, but
All manoeuvre
Turned to risky bond –
A lotus smile
Hanging in the dark air

Where Did Our Love Go?

Where did our love go?

who can say,

one day it was there and the next it was away.

I have cried an ocean swimming my own waves every day,

replaying over and over every single word you say.

But now it’s time to move on and finally I’m there,

to let me know I’ve let you go and I no longer care.

Was it love after-all then,

perhaps I’ll never know.

Surely real love hangs around and the 2 lovers to 1 do grow.

I didn’t think it possible for only one to feel,

now I know you felt it too but it was easy for you to heal.

Well now it’s done and you have won,

what’s your name again?


It is…

It is…

Like honey to the bee,
Like my precious breath to me.
Like the bond of sky and stars,
And the bravery in war.
The way you don’t forget to pulsate,
And the way, we all want to feel satiate.
It is there in our blood,gushing free,
it is the way you look at me.
It is that shy shiver when you touch,
And however time may pass,it is never much.
Sn enigma and the simplest emotion,
Where trust and faith join in equal proportion.
It is that bonding we all crave for,
The one that heals the wound of peace and war.

Life Matters

Miffed at a minute microcosm
Humanity huddled in a hole
Praying for propitious intervention
Clutching close, the bits and the whole.
Life Matters.
Isn't it!
A soul stifled under the power-knee
Stirring nations to angry agitations.
Sending warnings loud and clear
'N voicing virulent protestations.
Life Matters.
Yes...! It does!
The trusting tusker - a being benign
To human treachery its life it laid
Life within life, God within Goddess
No ranting regrets, no hands in prayer raised.
Life Matters.
Does it?


Half closed eyes in mystic trance,
Smoky tress fly in frenzied fire
Burning lust, and decayed desire
Shiva in colossal tandava dance .
Mountains crumble
Histories stumble
Thunders rumble
Shuddering sick ploys wane perchance.
Unmoved stillness in third eye
Swelling seas and darkened sky
Swirling suffering, sinking sins
Shuffling lines of losses and wins.
Stillness amidst the chaotic steps
Changing vistas, numbing waits
For that calm to touch droopy souls
Blossoming parijat behind the Lance.

The Underlings

Some were transported as slaves
Some taken as indentured labour
Some were conquered and made servants in their own homes
But some went
And made themselves slaves
And second class citizens forever
Of their own volition
Pretending to themselves
And to the world
That they had conquered the conquerors
In their own land
But their hearts know the truth
To abandon your people
To abandon your land
To abandon your birth givers
To leave in the lurch your nurturers
To leave uncared for the homes of your ancestors
To leave in pain and need those who most need you
Is that heroism ?
Is that achievement ?
Is that accomplishment ?
Your heart knows the truth .

There are a hundred false excuses
But not one real reason .

Who do you think you are fooling ?
And for how long ?
Why cry when the Faustian Bargain
Nears its end
And Mephistopheles
Comes to claim his own ?
For you have sold
For a seeming whole that is an empty hole
Your immortal unconquerable soul

The fault, Dear Two Timers
Is not in our Stars
But in us
That we are underlings

Oh Sacred Cows !
I dare to take you on
Whom others have only ever
Deferred to .

I have not
And I will not

I shall not be
An underling of underlings

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

The Funeral

In the clumsily shrouded

Backlogs of multiple pages

Torn and worn out

Yet fast retreating

The front line memories

These scattered shards

Yes, these certainly are

My butchered and severed

Mutilated dreams of love

From heart to heart

Once those waved

And thrilled,

Now, seem to die in fret

The weather is funereal

Just aiming at one and only me In havoc,

do taunt me

It’s the ever clouding

Low skies of friendship

Drizzling in the marshes of Estuary,

I am pained!

Totally broken…

None to condole

None to shed a drop of tear

Neither a glance passing by,

Broken my esteemed mirror of

Faithful courtship

My confidence simply spiraling…

Quartered choices

Being human in thoughts
I juggle planets and stars
In plurality of space and time
Taking clue of reference clock
Other than nights and days

I am a meagre hand
Of a larger mead
Meadow of bursting silence
Nebula of dust and gases
Taking a nihilistic end

My quartered choices
Are already revolving around
I am the static gaze of an invisible eyes
Commanding an elementary bond
Between crying life and frothing death