Savouring the Smiling Crack of Dawn


In the auspicious hour, Goddess Aurora greets the new dawn.

Revelling, savouring the smiling crack of dawn,

The dawn of life and creation,

In the vegetative world with its mysteries, increasing the fascination.

The silhouettes of trees start revealing their verdant beauty,

Ready to conquer the first morning air as darkness dissipates steadily,

To display mesmerising hues of red and pink in the eastern horizon. 

As an enticement to join the celebration,

Soon increasing with the myriads of hues, the fascination,

And redeemed by this phenomenon, nature dances in exhilaration.


The milkmaids with elflocks dishevelled from sleep,

Rushing to the farms half asleep,

The mellifluous chirpings of the birds ‘tweet, tweet’,

The romantic lovers in a state of limerence

Unwilling to let go each other’s embrace,

Get closer drawn by intense attraction,

For yet another blissful union.

Life in the Pandemic

Is anyone really still alive ?
I wake up from being awake all night
Stare at the gray ceiling and ask myself

That woman who cooked for a funeral yesterday
After she had cooked an early lunch for me
Coughing away behind her double mask

That woman who with her husband
Disabled daughter and two laughing sons
Defeated the virus and got her sister married
In the last week of lagan

The man who brought antacid tablets , fresh batteries for my pulse oxymeter , a long green gourd and raw mangoes to tempt my elusive appetite and told me cheerfully that the roads to all burning ghats are jammed with hearse ambulances

How alive they are !

( ASA )


The interplay between the sunlight and the leaves

Brought your thoughts to me with the gentle breeze,

Blending with the sun’s symphonies,

And the twittering of the birds, so musical to the ears,

All stirred my heart with fond remembrance

Of your love and made wish for your presence!

But alas! I know you are in distant lands

Unaware of the deep disturbance

Caused by your missed presence.

Let me lie down and visualise!

At least, it will bring some solace,

To my yearning heart, oh me, yes, a little solace.


©Pushmaotee Subrun


UnCOn-VInceD, my cat sits and stares
Without a care and basks
While big brother barks about
Masks and the devils pass
V-ulgar power display
Of puppets who parrot play books
Taking freedom from the frightened
by hooks and hideous crooks

UnCOn-VInceD, stunned and silenced
The emperor again with no clothes
Just lots of lies and logic full of holes
Herding sheeple in fear, under control
I will not concede to the con
Nor take the callous cheap shot
That costs my sovereign right
I will fight for my body, mind and soul

People, people, discern the cortina of mal-infused news
Sheeple, sheeple, do not obey obvious cues
Queue-R-ing for poison, a pandora’s promise
To cure the curse of corona, Sars-Cov-2?
Look around, rebound is great, deaths are few
Yet lambs stay dumb and distanced
And follow ready to forfeit and fall
at pharma’s feet getting fat on fools
who gamble with no guarantee at all

I do not consent to be locked up or locked down
To be house bound and gagged
Silenced to experiments and ludicrous lies
it’s time to wake to the truth, or be divided and die
Pay the price of planned apartheid
My body belongs only to God and Me
With the miracle of imbued immunity

The piper plays with pharma’s prose
Till all is broken, brainwashed, worn and weary
It’s time to stand steady with those
to uphold the right to question and query
God’s law of creation does not dither
On whether you and I shall live and be
Forever sovereign and free in unity
Stop the piper now and pay the fiddler

My mother-4


              ମୋ ବୋଉ

When I was trying to sleep
You were fighting for your last breath
No one of your own was with you
It was for you a lone battle in the ICU
I ask myself why a mother gives birth
And for kids lives her whole life with mirth
When her kids remain engrossed in their world
Hardly find will and time to payback

Your blood pressure was fluctuating
You were sinking in the ICU
Your senses must be searching for your kids
Unfortunately, none of them was around
With little efforts we all five
Could have been there
Feeling your beats and pulse to the last
Despite stringent regulations and corona scare

I know if I would have been ill
You would have never left me alone
Whatever may be the situation
Nothing could have stopped you
From being with your blood
That is why you are a mother
And I am your unworthy son

All along you were surrounded with
Everything one needs
That is no excuse
You were more in need of your kids
And most of us were away from you
We could only meet in months
Being engaged in our own needs.
Always found an excuse
Though we could have met
At least once in a fortnight or month

Life never gives a second chance
I may get everything I wish
But I can not get you back
Even at the cost of me and my fortune
You may not be with me
But in the journey of life
I will not be lonely
Always carry you with me
Silently enduring the days remaining

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

Knowledge Leads From Darkness to Light

Knowledge gained from formal or informal

Education, leads from darkness to light, one and all.

It is extremely enriching,

And to unknown vistas leading.


Knowledge brings mental stimulation,

Becomes a panacea for desperation,

Transporting to other realms, reducing inertia,

And inviting a better persona.


Doubts we can keep at bay, 

And tackle any challenge coming our way,

Even if everything else we lose,

Our newly acquired knowledge will be of use.


With knowledge we learn to be articulate,

And shyness in many professions dissipate, 

Boosting the self-confidence,

And with self-discovery, increase our self-assurance.


With self-esteem, our short term or long-term memory

Improves, with overall improvement of our psychology.

Giving opportunities to reminisce considerably.

Thus, this gracious boon illuminates us everlastingly.


©Pushmaotee Subrun

True Love

Who else can show me true love

Other than my mother, my boon from above?

Though now in her abode heavenly,

My terrestrial and celestial muse, mum was to me eternally.

Nutritious to my soul was her love,

On earth or from high above.

She had been my every moment’s high

The life air that lifted me up to the sky.

My rock, my caring guide, my strength

Going to great length,

The morning sun shining down on me brilliantly.

My northern star, shining luminously,

In the darkest of days, indefatigably.

So graciously, so compassionately.


The warmth of her voice in my head echoes.

Her hugs and kisses bring tears to my eyes,

Making each rainy day become smiles,

Bearable, brighter,

My soul becoming warmer.

I have always felt God’s divinity

In her love beyond infinity.

Becoming my dependable source of comfort.

Rendering my world, full of purport,

My dear mum, oh my great support!


My heart for ever thanks her for shining eternally,

Her divine light on me unreservedly,

For being my main inspiration.

Noble soul for eons. even from beyond,

She had been my helper, my well-wisher,

My hope, my comforter, my selfless giver

My constant motivator, my source of power,

My greatest friend, my dear loving mother.


©Pushmaotee Subrun