Unsettled in Mind

Unsettled in Mind
By Dr Swati A Gadgil
Unsettled in mind
suspended thoughts
defying gravity
confusion I fought…..
void undefined
hollow walls encasing
a shapeless space
DNAs escaping…..
bonds so strong
yet fragile are the strings
difficult to hold
sustainability on brink…..
easier to scatter
with a blow of destiny,
than to gather
with scent of harmony…..
naive to follow
cohesive rules of Universe
demonish it feels
to break and disperse…..
definition of space
convincing and cogent
yet happiness trace
volatile and tangent……
unless ostracized
will not feel the pulse,
or when sent to coventry
on some random impulse…..
unsettled in mind
suspended thoughts
defying gravity
confusion I fought…..
©Dr Swati A Gadgil,
All Rights Reserved.


Under the tree, they wait, huddled in groups, these

workers, part of the floating population that keeps the

megapolis floating. the workers in lungis and denim, wearing

hankies to ward off the Cornoa-19, wait for their turn, near the

police station, ready with the certificates. The out-of-job men

await their turn before the Sahibs; a group of real stoics, these

men of the slums, hungry and famished,

their dusty villages beckon mother-like,

the poor wage earners, in the long


these republicans, long forgotten by the system.

(Publication credit: Poetry in Quarantine edited by Dr Savita Deogirkar and Dr Shaleen Singh)

Anti – Imperialism

Anti – Imperialism

What’s John Bull gonna do when there’s no more Irish to shoot?

no more slaves to trade,

no more colonial rebels to put into concentration camps?

no more Arab villages to bomb,

no more lies left to tell about

who really got the win at Waterloo;

or how D-Day was nearly sunk

on the second day by a venal buffoon,

and the Great War,

yes that War

that was just one long bloody mistake anyhow.

The Watcher

The startled Musk- deer and his startled doe
Stand still , then skip across the little stream
That golden flows in Autumn sunset’s glow
A rustle , then all silent as a dream

The Watcher startled by the breaking bough
Regrets his fault , waits still in deepening dusk
Watches the fading glow as shadows grow
And skip through woods faintly scented with musk

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

Since I heard that you are unwell

Since I heard that you are unwell
I have been thinking
I must brush aside
all essential, non essential
concerns of the world
sit by your bed side in silence
absorb all your discomfort
softly kiss your eyes
with the tips of my fingers
fill them with kisses of sound sleep
scribble on each of your hair
each of my unsaid poems
touch you with my glances
in such a way that
each pore of your skin
gets filled with peace
hide my blessings under your feet
in a way that  you experience
comfort in a split of a second
sit by your bed side in silence
since I heard that you are unwell
I have been thinking….

A Poem and Her Poet

How long does a poem wait for her poet
To catch up with her? She has landscapes
To capture, and a procession

Of protestors to click, and others to touch,
While he scratches his head searching for
Lice, and images to satisfy her body and soul – –

How long does a poem wait for her poet
Before she grows impatient with his worthless wooing
And decides to pack her bags and go?

And as she waves goodbye and blows kisses
The train of his thoughts
Disappears into the last tunnel – –

How long does the poet wait for another poem
To smile and make a pass at him
Standing, empty-handed, on a crowded platform?

I wish

If I could change only one thing in my life, it would be to never have met you,

That first hello that slipped with warmth from deep inside my heart,

that was the very start, and the end,

when I thought you were who said you were, I thought you were, my friend.

That poor, sweet lovely girl, where did she go? I will never know,

I lost her on the way, she began to fade away on that very day, I recall it was a Tuesday .

There was no rain at the time, there was no pain at the time,

now I pray, each and every day, for Healing rain.

Oh why did you use me in your games, oh why did you mirror me that way?

why? ’d like to know, but more than that please no more hello.

I can’t go go through it anymore I’m broken, really broken, not like before.
I can’t face it like before, you stole my heart my future in the night, filled me with fright.

I’ve lost my fight so now as I take flight, all I want to say, is go away,

Why can words cause so much pain, where is the healing rain that I pray for?

Why did you hurt my brain and mind, my heart is kind, what was the gain, for you?

Next time please think before you do this and remember to be kind, that’s my wish.

I hope you read this and you see yourself and put the bad you on the shelf, I’ll try


Hello God

I say hello to you my big G shining light from up above
and it’s because I love you that I always feel your love

You have always been here for me, each and every time I fall
You’re n front and right beside me guiding me with truth through it all

I now see you’re understanding and that you are perfect, unlike me

I am so blessed to know that you are especially fond of me

I say hello God from your daughter and I praise you thankfully