Your closed eyes

Is it too much to ask
That you open your eyes, Love,
Open your eyes, yes,
To the meaning of our story?


That you choose to keep them closed
Seeing me not
Seeing, rather,
That which this world presents to you
As ornaments wrapped in gift boxes,
Hurts me
To the extent of me wishing to cease to be!


But the mere imagining of the pain
That might be hurled upon you
When this shall happen
Brings me to better senses
Again, like an eternal lover,
I, myself walk to you
To clasp shut, the padlock
That binds my movements,
My thoughts and my feelings
To you!


Pray, I remain,
A suffering soul
Yearning for when my pain shall be appeased
As it shall succumb to the fire
Of the passion that shall be reflected
In the gaze of your opened eyes!

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