You are my only Love

There is always someone
in the middle of life
which is like a light
in the dark black night

Someone whom u feel so comfortable
with whom you can be yourself
there is always one in the life of all
the one with whom
you just want to hang around.

The one who is whole world to you
with whom you just don’t need to be you
its just because the understanding is so deep
the company of which you always need

With you I always feel so comfortable
my life is so complete
by just thinking you are around
you are my love, you are my life,
with you I can spend happily my whole life

Your love has taught me to live
It is the only way for which I take breath
If you are not around, I always feel you
No matter if you are not around
I can always feel your presence all around

You are my Love you are my destiny
Without you being my side
I just cannot imagine the autumn breeze
Just because of you I think I am alive

There is always someone in everybody’s life
It’s just you for which I am alive
And I cannot imagine my life without you
My Love is only you and my life is only you.


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Passionate about Poetry writing. Favorite topic to write is LIFE AND most passionate in writing about LOVE. Aim in life is to motivate people through write ups & Want to become the greatest writer in the Universe. Written more than 200 Hindi poems, 40 English poems Love's to write shayaris Aim is that write up should go to those who need it. Winner of World Writers Competition - Get placed in Top 10 Selected out of 2200 Poetries World wide

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