Yet Not To The Cemetery

It all started
Remember! the good old days
When we planned to sit in the cemetery
To talk about love and life
But finally walking down
The dark cross roads
Embracing after each alternative steps
And kissing violently
Under the moon light
Catching every single noise
For a threat that will end up
Our untold passion
That has bound us together
And entwined us in love
To live in pleasure
And you felt the danger
Of passers by and
Your open windows down the hills
Still clasping my hands tight
Which was a rejoicing moment
Luminous as a fire ball
And as cool as
The frozen western ghat’s
Wind like breeze on my cheek
Caressing soft gentle love
And also hitting cold
The hard realities of future
And gone are those
Golden days of love
Which ignited in our hearts
A spark to fight
And win our love life
which indeed we have
Half accomplished
Waiting for a better outcome
Tomorrow or the days next
But remember
We have yet not been
To the cemetery as per the plan.

3 thoughts on “Yet Not To The Cemetery

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Yet not to the Cemetery” re-engages the errant reader’s attention with a part cryptic,part fascinating narrative redolent with the air of psychological drama.Cleverly nuanced with intimations of dark and darker still;who exactly is the narrtor seeking to involve in “Remeber” or the “we” ? Perfunctory deconstruction yielded up the following:- dark,violently,threat,danger,hitting,cold,hard ,fight. But as the reader discovers,that’s only half the story.

  2. Reshma

    Cemetery is a place too far to b imagined yet. But here the words make me feel stand close to it.. No matter what.. N its weird that the word “cemetery” does give no feeling of the occult!

  3. Reshma

    I came back to read this particular poem again. Words r painted dark but it’s fairer in sense.. Irresistible reading!


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