yesterday in flight

Why should nature be lost in subtle metaphor?
I want to remember the earth as a miraculous pageant,
With magic vibrant.
A ravishing melody of Mozart
A breathtaking piece of art
A panoramic view of an effulgent sunset.
A scintillating sunrise
Why be lost in ifs and buts of surmise ?
Let me turn away from the hurry and vulgarity
Brazenly chasing away the spirit of the lakes,
The streams, the mountains.
Let me slip into eternity
Watching the flying skirts of yesterday in flight
And hearken to the thrush singing its heart out on the sycamore tree.
Ah, then I will be free
Not lost in a sea of nameless faces
Not lost in subtle metaphor.

4 thoughts on “yesterday in flight

  1. vatsala radhakeesoon

    Wow! The freedom sought by all writers and other artists is accurately expressed here.
    Powerful poem .The need to enjoy the simplest things in life and be oneself are also revealed.


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