You were born a woman for a purpose
It is no accident for sure
You are here to deliver a story
Strong, real and pure

You skipped through mustard fields
Climbed the sprawling mango tree
Played house with your strawberry doll
And went gallavanting on market sprees

Your tender heart missed a beat
As you roamed rosy eyed focusing on your crush
You burnt the midnight oil for that degree
And your chosen path was no light brush

You walked around the sacred fire
Vowing to stand by your mate
A promise you made in all earnestness
That holds true till the evening late

You were blessed with motherhood
An experience that made you grow
You juggled the roles of wife and mother
Oh boy it was an incredible show

Suddenly the shadows loomed large
And ominous clouds gathered in front
You fought valiantly like the Goddess Kali
And your demeanour became bold and blunt

You carried your self esteem like Sita
Vowing to put things right like Draupadi
You garnered courage like the Goddess Durga
And put the equilibrium at ease

O woman you were born to bring glory
To the clan you were born into
You were also born to bring further glory
To the clan you chose to marry into

Let not the sparkle ever dull in your eyes
Like Saraswati may your speech never lose power
The world is yours for the taking and making
Salute your inner fire and let your grace shower

3 thoughts on “Woman

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    The world is yours for the taking and making
    Salute your inner fire and let your grace shower…
    A superb write on the fate of traditional women…who can end up becoming bold and confident, ready to honour their chosen responsibilty …


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