With all of my powers

If I had come to Earth with all my powers,

I would have used them to spy on you, Love,

Simply to calm the unrest that waves in my soul!


I would have made myself tiny,

Sheltered in a golden hue,

Seeming to be like a dragonfly

And I would have peeped at you

Just to know

With whom you do share a laugh

With whom you do enjoy a drink

With whom you do joke and laugh

And with whom you do share of your day’s happenings!

Pray, being away from you

Turns me into a thirsty love drenched soul,

A stalker, a paining love Goddess, trapped in a human body!

I know,

Since times immemorial

You have enjoyed the childishness that is in me

The capricious behaviour, the moody tides,

The way you easily swing my moods,

Having them soaring high up in the skies at one moment

And having them buried in their own shadows the next!

Why, had you not loved me

You would not have chosen to follow me

By causing your own fall

In a murky and swampy world

Inhabited by beings driven by their own ego

Lost in the blinding lights of illusion,

Trapped in a maze from which they shall never escape!

Why, Love,

Distance pricks

Silence kills

Separation agonises

Far from you, my soul laments,

Wish I had come to Earth with all my powers,

Yes, I would have used them to spy on you

Whenever the unrest in my heart

Would have awakened their rage in me!

2 thoughts on “With all of my powers

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    ‘With all of my powers’ is quite intense in presenting the picture of an agonising soul wishing to have more grasp, more of that power to overcome the excruciating pain…


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