Winds of Change

Winds of change

Blow sweet wind,blow loud blow clear.
You carry the aroma,
the aroma of metamorphosis.

Knock every door
where she suffers
because she is SHE
hit every face,
soothe them, sedate them,
for their values fetch no true sedation.
Caress every shoulder,
so they may carry
the load of their sins.
Pierce each heart,
so they may love profound
like a mirror.
Wither each mind,
so they may re-learn
without grudges.
We are ‘near the wind’,’
on the prowl
for winds of change.
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About neha verma

I belong to India and have lived here for over 24 years. My profound interest is in writing poetry. Though these days i have been trying my hand at story writing as well. I pursued Masters of Arts in English from Delhi University. I am a teacher by profession teaching at Doon Public School as a TGT English.

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