Cast aside thy wicked heart
And let thy healing Spirit pass,
For sorrows hide in thy desires
Behind a shield of clouded glass.

Behold thy strength and thus resist
Temptation born of hellish lies,
Lest sunset find thee seeking truth
With no redemption in thine eyes.

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About Kenn Allan

Kenn Allan currently resides in the American Pacific Northwest with his wonderful wife/editor of thirty-something years, their resilient daughter, three precocious grandchildren, and an undisclosed number of cats.

4 thoughts on “Wicked

  1. Kenn Allan Post author

    Thanks, Louis – as always, I sincerely appreciate your comments. I thoroughly enjoy experimenting with various styles, formats, and words.

  2. Rashmi Malapur

    Heart is wicked..it keeps tempting….I loved what you wrote because, its very poetic.. lot of my poems are more like prose…but I crave to write something like what you have written.

  3. Kenn Allan Post author

    Thank you, Rashmi. I truly love working with language, rhyme, and meter… although my style of poetry is nearly impossible to get published these days. That’s why I cherish comments like yours so dearly – Thank you VERY much.


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