Why fret

More haters than lovers
In a family
Within a community,
A State
Between countries
On the whole..

The powerful kill the powerless
The one in power
Takes advantage

The rich do not like the rich
The poor are not good to the poor
The rich hate the poor
This is kaliyug
The poor envy the rich

Damn this world
Far from this madding crowd
Away and alone

“there is loneliness
In this world so great
That you can see it
In the slow movement
Of the hands of a clock”

Why fret!!
Why hate!!
Spread love and peace…

© Sarada

6 thoughts on “Why fret

  1. louiskasatkin

    A coruscating indictment of the ills besetting the world,neatly counterpointed at the finale with true poetic aplomb.


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