Why Do I Speak?

I have a sweet home,

A loved wife, celestial children,

Nice neighbours,

And a fine job,

So why do I speak?

I have the warmth of the sun

Coolness of the moon,

Bliss of night, embrace of the hills,

Seas and the skies,

So why do I speak?

Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Yahweh, Nanak,

Muhammad and other prophets —all have spoken

For light and kindle seas of masses

What else is left to speak now?

I’m a great commoner

Happy with home and hearth,

Who am I to speak against wrongs,

 Ills, and wounds?

Moreover, I’m apolitical poet

I worship nature and its immaculate beauty,

Children and farmers, workers and flowers,

Drink fine arts and crafts by indigenous wo/men,

And I’m happy!

So why do I speak against civilized ills, wounds, and wrongs?

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About Sid

Abu Siddik is an Assistant Professor in English in Plassey College, Nadia,West Bengal. He is a bilingual author, editor, critic, poet, and storyteller and has been published in India and abroad. His short fictions and poems appeared in Muse India, Indian Ruminations, Setu Bilingual, spillwords.com, mercurialstories.com, GloMag, induswomanwriting.com, and in anthologies, Serious and Hilarious, Cherry Toppings, Rise to Higher Essence. He has three books— Representation of the Marginalized in Indian Writings in English (Falakata College Cell, 2015). Misfit Parents in Faulkner’s Select Texts (Authorspress, 2015), Banglar Musolman (Sopan, 2018). For more please visit him at www.abusiddik.com

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