Why am I not sad?


Why am I not sad?
I had those beautiful blooms
All around my home
Gerbera, phlox, jasmine,
Chrysanthemums , hollyhocks
Ten O’ Clocks, gladiolas
Impatiens, dianthus
French beans, sweet peas
And many many more
With beautiful hues and shades
Why am I not sad when
Most of them were trampled
And smashed by the kittens
Fallen buds, broken vines
And jammed stems
Seven of them playing like
Running deer in the green
The bout of pain occurred
As they were all my kids too
Whom I get to see every morn and eve
Caring their leaves, their buds
Talking to them
Asking their problems
Watering and feeding
But many of them silently died
Or almost dead
But why am I not sad?
Probably I and they know
They can grow many more times
In this same ground
But the kitten will never get
Their kitten-hood again
Or they can’t climb this small shrubs
Once they are big
Do I love kittens more?
Or does their play bring me my
Childhood back?
May be
Like me they can’t hide the childhood
Within the eyelids and sleep
To let the dreams inside the innerchild
Once more to be with butterflies and clouds
In total secret
Will the blooms hear my silent words?
Will they bloom again for me?
Can a still-born have a re-birth
In the same womb?
I don’t want to become that
Adulated stranger
I can’t kill anyone’s happiness
This limit which I have
I accepted
Me sad or not – both are same
Both have same end


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