White lace of childhood

white lace hung from the ceiling
perfect veil for my imaginary wedding
spin around, sadness princess
in your white veil spread your wings
raise curtains on the childhood memories

lit up the chandeliers
candle by candle
you and the shadow are dancing in the temple
chevaliers are gathering to see the splendor
you deepen in your dreamy mist,
you sip the fairy tale’s taste…

spin, spin around, sadness princess
light as a feather, deaf and blind altogether
no clouds, no fears, no lie curtains, no death silences
no locks on dial phones
no enemies dressed as saviors…

scared by hostile whispers
you stop the laced spin
the acid air sticks your eyes
the heavy curtain of despair falls back on your skin
again you hide beneath a gloomy shield…

6 thoughts on “White lace of childhood

  1. Sharon-Elizabeth

    Your poetry creates breathes mystic, an air or emotional realism. It’s beautiful….a craft of inspiration. Keep following your heart-felt inspiration…letting you light always shine through such beauty. Thankyou.

    From Sharon-E x


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