Where Would You Like the Wind to Take You?

Where Would You Like the Wind to Take You?
I ask you , O’ my lonely child,
I know with lack of company,You are going wild.
Let’s take the silent yet lonesomely and eerie wind
to keep us both company for quite some while.
It makes a strange company I know,
But when ever you will ask her to grant your wish,
It will murmur in your ears,with a silken blow,
Just command my Prince,I agree,I do,I do.
The world may not always grant your wish,
But I am there to drive the chariots of your dreams.
And the wind will be my strength and drive,
To take you out of this dark world to a world,O’ so cream.
So,you just blink your long silken lashes,
and convey your wish to me with your smiling dark eyes.
Let the wind guide our chariot of good will and acceptance ,
to reach out to all across far and wide.

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About Nalini Srivastava

I am an Indian.I write to let go of myself.It is my catharsis.My biggest inspiration is my son and every passing moment of life.I am a teacher by profession and the way I love to write ,I love to teach.With my one solo poetry book already published "Feminine Musings" hope many more will see the light.

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