Where do I belong?

I belong to the place where
the lark doesn’t sing because the sun is rising,
but the sun rises to hear the lark sing.

Where the sea doesn’t roar because the moon shines,
but the moon shines to see the waves soar.

Where it doesn’t rain because the earth is parched,
it rains because the sky yearns to kiss its beloved.

Where the wind doesn’t carry the fragrance because the rose bears it,
but air wraps the rose to unwrap the fragrant gift.

Take me to that place where
I can see but I need no eyes,
I can hear but I need no ears,
I can walk but I need no limbs,
I can fly but I need no wings.

Take me to that place where
I can listen to the light
and watch the sound,
where I can taste the fragrance
and drink the wind.

Take me to that place,
for that is where I belong.

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