When Everything Fails Me, I Still Have You

When the sun shines with all its might and power

Earth drifts to unconscious oblivion, shrivelled and dry.

When winds howl loud Crescending lightning bolts rip out

The earth’s crust tranquillity doth birth

You are always here.

Earths may quake tremendous blows, striking through all hearts

But though through moments terror of

You never falter far from every soul looketh up

You’re always close at hand, beckoning us all

‘Look upon this rod of iron, hold stead and fast and true’

‘Just one small act, it cannot be

to simply save us all?’

With faith and prayer within our breast

do we yearn, and looketh up.

But when everything fails me

Does my heart count, still to thee?

You’ve never left my side’.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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