Watching the sky everyday

I am watching the sky everyday

waiting for it to speak to me,

and it remains silent,

dropping into my eyes

blue poisons;

I feel like I’m becoming

a snake

unable to fly,

only to drag with me

the heavenly wonder;

I am cold,

doomed to lose myself,

through the corners

the nostalgic circles.

2 thoughts on “Watching the sky everyday

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    It seems to the reader,that the narrator’s voice conveys some existential dread.It reminds me a lot of the early Doors’ songs where Jim Morrison darkened and twisted everyday reality.Ominous would also be appropriate.Some blue-influenced ,off-key guitar riffs would go well with this poem.

  2. Iulia Gherghei

    In this poem I am talking about our incapacity of understanding God’s creation, and how we tend to betray him everyday being the snake from the biblical story. We lose ourselves through the corners-mankind invention, missing the circles-missing the heaven. I don’t think this darkened the everyday reality in anyway, but putting my work near Jim Morrison’s is flattering, quite overwhelming, so, thank you very much!


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