Waiting Room

Sitting in the hospital waiting room

there is the smell of alcohol,

old people and slow death;

A female patient takes a seat

opposite and is staring at me,

as though trying to locate someone

a son she thought she recognised

a brother who she’d lost in the War;

on some distant star spangled horizon..

..far away from the haven

from which we ventured forth,

we navigated by hope

steered by faith,

only to find

the tortures of loneliness,

the loneliness of pain..

sitting in the hospital waiting room

a female patient takes a seat..

3 thoughts on “Waiting Room

  1. Kuchibhotla Sarada

    Picturesque and also displays the sensitivity of the poet.i could visualise the loneliness of the female patient through the poet’s eyes

  2. VijayNair

    Can hope and faith,at the end of the day,cure loneliness and pain? Both the female patient and the speaker reside in separate worlds for no words are exchanged,even in a hospital where barriers usually disappear.The poem owes it’s impact for it’s understated tone and clarity of expression.

  3. ramesh rai

    Most sensitive write. It reveals the inner core of a poet’s heart who assimilates the pains of a lonely lady and her optimistic thought. The painful ink of the poet flows on the desert canvas of a human life. Heart touching poem. Thanks for sharing.


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