When the mustard blooms
Tell me , truly
Can you stop yourself
From smiling ,
Grumpy Grimface ?

Come out and see
Can you count the coins
Of Nature’s Gold
Glowing , fresh minted ,
You Miserable Miser ?

Smile , smile !
That’s something you can give
And gain happiness too
Lose nothing but sadness -Seek to be
A Simple Spendthrift !

Getting and spending
Counting and calculating
You have forgotten
Your loved true roots
And Nature’s Nurture

Come out and touch
The grass – the cool flowery lap
Of Earth awaits . The Lambs leap
To the Tambour’s sound .
Spring has Sprung

Your heart leaps up
And rightly so
Have Hope . Happiness
Is your Birthright.
Reclaim it . Redeem yourself.

Today – not tomorrow
Not yesterday-
Dream with open eyes
Golden Dreams
Dreams of Hope

In the Fields
Of the Cloth of Gold
And Greenery
Beautiful Dreamer
Wake up to Spring

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia)

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