Life drowns the living

hope chokes all of our dreams ,

mercy punishes justice

what we see is not all what it seems ;

Emptiness fills all the spaces

winter snow lights our fires ,

shortages make for abundance

all oaths are spoken by liars ;

Those who don’t cheat are disqualified

we donate our poverty to others

sad people are the happiest in the world

all men under the skin aren’t brothers.

3 thoughts on “Untrue

  1. lokesh roy

    Lines such as – …” all oaths are spoken by liars “… are so powerful as to render this poem
    a masterpiece .

  2. Louis Kasatkin Post author

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    Untrue by louis kasatkin
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    This is NOT the time for the favorite button to stop working. I like this one… well, I like all of your work…. it’s just that this one seems to pour out of my mindset though IO wish I were more of an optimist. You must have a book of poetry published out there somewhere—I and millions of others want a copy. Truth.


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