Triplet Future



Triplet One


The future is not what we thought it would be
Travellers since long , we are weary , a- weary

Sadly , cynically , we learn to smile
At times even laugh , at our own naïveté
For the future is nothing like we thought it would be
Travellers since long , we are weary , weary

Some are defiant , some are struck dumb
Some can be heard to complain bitterly
The future , they say , isn’t what it should be
We travellers are tired , they say wearily

But how did this happen when we toiled so hard
When we did our best and we worked honourably
How is the future went wrong horribly
We’ve travelled and travelled, we are weary , weary

Some die now heart- broken others struggle still
A few have surrendered most dishonourably
The future is here that we could not foresee
We are shattered and scattered and oh so weary

Some still try to hope some give in to despair
As slowly the dark closes inevitably
The future is here and it’s a mockery
And we who have brought it are shell- shocked strangely

And then there’s delusion that oft strikes the mad
There’s the lot who believe this is not trumpery
The future is theirs but only tragically
How can we explain we are so, so weary

The future is here , and from here on perhaps
The future that some see so delusionally
Will not even be there for any to see
We have faced this , we know , and we are weary, weary

When we who knew much and worked whole heartedly
When we who for all toiled with no enmity
Have faced this then you with your crude bigotry
Will face so much worse , that is just bound to be

We see much with hindsight and can locate our faults
But who’ll learn from us and our melancholy
There is no recourse , even with all hindsight
Mankind will still repeat past history

What a curse is this knowledge this ability
Through bitter experience that comes finally
That now can predict your bloody trajectory
We have cried hoarse , can no more , we are so weary

Time past is time present and future as well
The Ancients were right as was Eliot’s decree
Caught in Blind Fate’s grip we may writhe desperately
But we cannot change our innate tragedy

Character yes Character is Destiny
Heraclitus said this in 500 BC
Our Free Will is limited , we are primed to be
Self limiting , self killing , that’s our propensity

If you still have hope , then more power to you
Work if you can to save humanity
But for most of us old ones the future is here
And here we’ll fall off , feeling weary , weary

Goodbye , World , take care , learn more humanity
Goodbye , World , be better for posterity
Goodbye , World , the future means uncertainty
Goodbye , and Goodnight , we are weary , weary

No , the future is never what you think it will be
And now even Time’s giving up wearily

Triplet Two


The Future was not what we thought it would be
So we put it into the works once again
What should we change fully or partially
To rework the damned thing is such a big pain

It’s not one of your TV game shows you know
“ What’s the one thing you’d change….” etcetera , etcetera
Nor like Omar Khayyam where you smash at one go
To rebuild you might end up with a worse chimera

Leave us be , we are thinking , arguing, at work
We shall this set thing right if it kills us to do so
Only joking – it’s just that we don’t like to shirk
Don’t tell us we can’t die – we already know so

Point is : is it worth it ? For given your brain
And instincts propensities ego and greed
You’re just going to mess up again and again
For to voices of caution you never pay heed

In fact – sigh – time – past and time -future and present
Which for us is all now shows us all is futile
But since we just left we must show what we meant
Therefore we’re for once going the extra mile

You just might escape – if you’re careful – this time
If not then God Help You , you Gowd – elpus lot
Next time , Mass Punishment for every crime
Sorry , Earthly Folk , but you all just lost the plot

Triplet Three


The Future was not what we thought it would be
But whatever it was made the past more complex
We do not plot out everything for you Earthlings
But we cannot help laughing when muscles you flex

Of course we can change past or present or future
But for whom ? For us all the options exist
We are not limited by your choice or your actions
Potential and actual for us still persist

Your timepod is toxic and you make it so
You made it you still do and may continue
We won’t interfere we see all your tendencies
But options and choices exist for you too

The catch is that choices are still individual
But consequence common as most of you see
If still you confuse self with soul and salvation
We can only warn you but must let you be

The Future still exists as both past and present
As Fruit contains Seed and the Flower and the Tree
We see that you understand and laughably try
In copybooks oddly to change history

No effort by most to evolve understand
No effort by most to nurture empathy
No real love compassion no common involvement
A mockery too all your philanthropy

Still you can evolve and still you can unravel
We watch with much interest but you must decide
Construction destruction this option that option
Decide where you’ll go – and enjoy the ride

( Amita Paul )

4 thoughts on “Triplet Future

  1. VijayNair

    A mostly ,dark, lyrical,introspective,and profound poem.There is a song hidden somewhere in this literary work.


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