Travails of a Poet

A multitude in perfect uniformed order,
Soldiers ready to assume the world,
Rank and file
Fiery bombs or fragrant magnolia
Coexist in discordant harmony
In my dictionary.
They lay scattered all around
On the ceiling and at the window
Glowing on the painted stars
In the sky beyond the horizon,
Buried in my imagination.
A whisper, a battle cry,
I sing weep and rage
Loud silent screams
Tear my soul away
Tears and drops of blood
My silence remains white, unstained
Ink and paper not shaking hands.

Words words words
I toss Hamlet’s paper away into the basket.

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About Madhumita Ghosh

Studied at Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India. M.A. M.Phil Ph.D in English. Associate Professor in a degree college affiliated to Calcutta university. Love reading, writing poems and short stories. Translation is another passion Have translated English Romantic poetry to Bengali and Tagore poems to English.

2 thoughts on “Travails of a Poet

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    I liked this a lot.It certainly gave me the impression of being not only being about very immediate and contemporary concerns,but also about a Dystopia.Or our present day Dystopia.Bold juxtapositions such as “loud silent screams” and “fiery bombs or fragrant magnolia”.point to conflicting sensations imparted by an external world entering into palpable disorder.In overall pitch and sentiment this is reminiscent of Roger Water’s lyrics for Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” amongst many others.

  2. Madhumita Ghosh

    Thanks Louis for your appreciation. I take the comparison with Roger Waters as a huge compliment!…he was and still is one of the greatest song-writers of the world. By the way, Pink Floyd since the 70’s when I was in school, till today, is my favourite band!
    And, yes, this sense of present day’s dystopia, particularly urban has so grasped me, I seem to be sucked into it…and my poetry becomes, as you’d like to call it, Noir-ish!


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