I surfed lonely as a net troll
Who floats on speed on the Dark Web
When all at once I chanced upon
A YouTube video

There was an animated strip above the video of a farm leader’s interview by the BBC
Each black tractor had the fawn image
of a driver in the driving seat
In Profile they ticked away
driving slowly above the news

of the Tractor March
of farmers in the resistance movement

My attention wandered from the interview
It focussed on the little robotic drivers of the litte black tractors

I wondered what they thought of the Farm Leader’s replies
I wondered if all those robot drivers of digitally- imaged tractors all thought the same thing
Or whether each one of them had his own views
I wondered if they had little digital-image robot -families in little uniform homes

I wondered if they had a TractorDriveristan Flag and if that flag had a picture of a Reliance Petrol Pump on it
I wondered if they all had Samsung phones with Jio Sims
I wondered if they were all working towards the establishment of a TractorDriver Rashtra
Or maybe a TractorDriveristan or TractorDriverLand

Where every citizen would be a Fawn -Coloured Tractor Driver
Driving his Black Digitally Animated Tractor
Just like all other Fawn -Coloured Tractor Drivers
With Fawn -Coloured Tractor – Driver Wives
And Cloned Children , also Fawn -Coloured

I wanted to Shout :

Victory to the Tractorland Mother !
Mother of all Fawn- Coloured Robotic Tractor -Drivers
And a massive Grand Garage for their Black Digitally -Imaged Tractors

Victory to the Revered Tractorama !
Long live Dystopia’s Diorama

I woke up to find I was a TV Anchor
In North Korea

Which was a big improvement
On my previous incarnation
As a Pekingese Pup
In the Lap of Kim Jong-Un
The hairs of whose coat
Were knitted into Arghyll Sweaters
Worn by a tow -headed half – Russian boy called Boris
That were later reprocessed
As Bernie Sanders’ mittens

From a Corporate’s Contract Farmer
To a lined hand -warmer
What’s the difference , Masters ?

Yet one must live some life beyond
Is this it
Where Tractors Drivers IMF WTO
Ride , ride together , forever ride ?

(ASA )


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