Tomorrow’s Hope

The children shall paint tomorrow’s essence
With smiles shining from the tips of their fingers
And upon its canvas,
Shall be standing out, proudly,
Unity, peace, love, tolerance,
Sharing, compassion, spirituality
And a strong feeling of brotherhood!

In the children of tomorrow do I lay my hope on
As the hearts that beat in them
Are one of the purest,
Making of them beings fully awakened
And conscious of the frugality of this world’s
Shaky grounds and unstable clime!

And when they shall be done,
Tomorrows shall be as we have never known it;
Bright, positive, ringing with the hymns of love,
So much that this world
Shall turn into one huge castle,
Wherein living is as smooth and gracious
As would be a stay in paradise itself
And when the Gods shall allow themselves
A peak at us,
They shall turn green and wish for a life like ours!

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