To Ego

Pray, be not so bent on seeing only yourself

Be not so bent on acclaiming only yourself

Be not so selfish as to only put yourself first

Be not so greedy as to want everything

Be not so green as to see harm in others’ glorious gems

Remember, remember

Ego, you are not a token of eternity

You are merely a part of the mechanics that drive life

Yes, you are needed for human consciousness to be

You are part of the discriminatory powers

You are part of the analytical abilities

You are part of the process of observation

And understanding!


Ego, with you, each and everyone has to battle

For being human also means being flawed

And being human also means having a dark side

A hidden side

A side with is prone to turn green

Or resentful

Or even to be overflowing with hatred

Merely because you, Ego, you have the upper hand!


I have faith in humanity

And I just know, that

Somehow, someday, you shall be tamed

Somehow, someday, you shall become so tiny

That you shall not only be invisible

But your pulsating dominance shall not even be felt!


Do remember, that the awakening process is in motion

The human shall realize his pure potential

The human shall know that he is made of glitter and star dust

The human shall cherish his own heart

And hand in hand with his brothers and sisters

He shall tend to everything that ails life

Including you, Ego!


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