To-day’s News From Mexico

Tommy died all alone
bleeding to death
in A & E
Saturday night;
they found
Joe’s head in a
Wal-Mart bag in
a dumpster down
at the Mall,
as for Katy,
her teeth lay scattered
on the newspaper covered
floor next to the
spoon and needles;
the apartment stank
of puke rotting flesh
expended shotgun shells,
local TV reporters
the following morning
speculated what effect
those probable homicides
would have,
on tourism
in the City of

1 thought on “To-day’s News From Mexico

  1. Louis Kasatkin Post author

    Horror as nine bodies found hanged from bridge and 14 heads decapitated and dumped along U.S. border in Mexico
    WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: Nine bodies, including four women, were found hanging in Nuevo Laredo, where drug cartels are fighting a bloody turf war. In an abandoned car, 14 heads were found in plastic bags.
    ( From the Daily Mail ,Saturday,May 5th.2012 )


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